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Haven't Visited in a While...Thought I'd Say Hello!

November 9th, 2007, 06:59 PM
It's been quite some time since I stopped in here...I wanted to say hello again and thank some people who really helped me out back then.

I have a black standard poodle named Lily. When we first brought her home, she had soooo many digestive troubles...after many, many tears and lots of vet bills, I'm happy to say that I have a very healthy and happy 2 year old. She hasn't had any significant troubles in almost a year and I have long since stopped worrying about her. I came to this board looking for answers and I received some excellent advice! Thank you to those who really helped us out!

November 11th, 2007, 04:36 PM
Welcome back! We look forward to receiving your wisdom and experience :thumbs up