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Adding Pic

May 30th, 2004, 03:43 PM
How would I post my dog photos in photos forum. I am a newbie.

May 30th, 2004, 03:55 PM
After you start a thread, type your message then scroll down
Select Manage attachments
Browse to select the pics of your choice from your computer, upload, close the window after uploaded
:D Then submit and there you go !!

May 30th, 2004, 04:03 PM
Very nice photo and a nice photo of your dog. Thanks for the help.

May 30th, 2004, 04:05 PM
Most welcome, I'll be lookin forward to yours as well :D

May 31st, 2004, 05:30 PM
Luba, I hope you supervise Sadie when she has the rope toy. They can be really really very dangerous. And I don't think the dye from it would be very good if she chews it a lot. Red food coloring is cancerous...

May 31st, 2004, 06:15 PM
When injected into rats... poor rats. :(

May 31st, 2004, 07:25 PM
Yes Spoiled it's a supervised toy and quite good that you pick up on that (good for you)

May 31st, 2004, 07:33 PM
I don't trust food coloring either Spoiled. ;) Even Kool Aid! Kids around here were using it to dye their hair. Not permanent but it took over a month to get it out. Imagine what it does to your insides? :eek: