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love my dog

November 7th, 2007, 11:40 PM
new to this forum looking for help to deal with my 2 yr old texas heeler...for those of you who dont know thats a australian cattle dog crossed with an australian shephard.. he really is quite handsome.

In any case..he is normally a very good dog, gets excited over people visiting and car rides...he has one really questionable problem...

he sucks. chews and basically huffs on blankets, towels whatever he can get..he gets walked, tons of attention (esp after we lost my 15 yr old collie only a few months ago.. and no before you ask he was already doing this sucking chewing huffing thing prior to losing her)

if any one has any suggestions or help that would be greatly appreciated...we got my collie at 5 yrs so we missed out on all the puppy stuff before hand....

thanks everyone


November 7th, 2007, 11:48 PM
Hi welcome to the forum :)

We would love to see pics of your dog :dog: we're a bit pic crazy here :D

As for the sucking issue - this behaviour usually occurs in animals taken from their mums too early - for some animals even 8 weeks old is too early, it's a comfort reaction for them similar to kids sucking their thumbs. Just make sure the material he is sucking is lint free ie no fleece & nothing that "sheds" material under stress. A good material choice to give him is denim ;)