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hiya. wanting to get to know you all!

November 7th, 2007, 10:26 AM
:grouphug: lol hi erm im new (obv) and im just posting to let you know of the fact lol. im a teen, so i aint giving away to muc info about me to complete strangers, just to let you know in advance. :)
well, my name is laura, im 15, and i live up in bonnie scotland. i am an animal lover, but recently my goldfish died, so i aint got anymore pets after that... poor goldfish! i'm desperate for A dog, but my fav breed (pit bull) has been accused of a lot in the past, and my mum is wary. cats out of the question (mums allergies. :wall:) i have had rabbits, but they caught mixamototis and so had to be put down.:cry: :rip: yes im a little :crazy: i've had my own forum exactly like this one before, but sadly not as popular