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November 6th, 2007, 02:28 PM
I am having such a great time shopping with this awesome dollar of ours. I just wish I had more so that we could book a vacation. I went over yesturday and I am now wholey ready for the cold, and I'm not broke for it either!!!! There is so much more selection and style for a plus size woman over there... and way more reasonably priced. I even got pulled in for duty and didn't care... I mean I saved hundreds, so whats $20? :thumbs up

Living in a border town, I've been cross border shopping well since birth I guess... and so this dollar to me is a dream, you don't have to hum and haw about whether or not something is a deal or not... it just is. (And it doesn't bother me one bit that the casinos are taking the hit.) Ever since gas went up we've been going over to the reservation for it, and buying milk etc there (nothing against our farmers... I just find that the fat free dairy products over there have a lot better taste than ours.)

I am seriously considering going over for a few days in early december to do all my xmas shopping. With our budget this dollar is just what we needed to squeeze every penny we can for a decent xmas... the last few have been pretty sparse... I'm really looking forward to actual presents under our tree that aren't for other people!

Anyone else here cross border shoppin? (oh and just so you all know I do my fair share here at home too, just really can't beat some of the deals down there if you have a tight budget.)

Next on my list is to hit a petsmart over there for one of those pet strollers, seeing as I've asked for one 3 xmases in a row and been told that 'thats dumb' and that people don't want to buy things for my cats.... well its not, I told hubby... it would be for me, and incredibly thoughtful I might add, seeing as they should all know by now how important my furballs are to me and how much I love to spend time with them and make them happy.... and need the exersise myself!!! (seriously I am so disappointed that they all think its such a dumb idea... I think those things are genius.)

Anyhow I just felt like blabbing... and hubby is sleeping in NY somewhere and my folks are in WVA... and well you guys are always good readers! :o:grouphug:

November 6th, 2007, 02:36 PM
We went down to the US to price a pool table (duty free), got a written quote brought it back to Canada and the CDN retailer matched it. Saved us $1000 doing that and kept our $ in Canada.

November 6th, 2007, 05:16 PM
I did tons of shopping when we were in South Carolina,would you believe our car(Volvo 2007)was $20.000 cheaper at the Volvo dealer there and it was a 2008.:yell:
We needed a new windshield-wiper and it too was dirtcheap compared to here.
I also bought a new sweater for Bailey,nice and thick,plus a 15foot leash and of course kitty-stuff:D
Shoppers paradize for sure:thumbs up