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Hello fellow pet owners! I am new here!

November 5th, 2007, 05:14 PM

Hey everyone! I thought I would start off being a member the way everyone else seems to and make a post! Since it's been asked ( or recommended ) here is some information about my pets :)

I have two cats. Bailey ( 3yrs) and Nuriko (5yrs). Ive had nuriko since before he was born! Bailey was inhertied from a friend who said they were getting rid of him and he was homeless...I got him when he was 8 months old and he's been my best friend ever since.

I have two hamsters, Pookie ( 4 months ) and Kijiji ( 1yr ) My previous hamster had passed away and when I was cleaning the cage out I got really upset ( I had the previous hamster for over 3 yrs) and I decided that I should get a new one, and when I seen pookie at the store I couldnt let him stay Kijiji was at the pet store, and she had been there for a solid year and I go to this pet store quite frequently, and one day when I was buying some tropical fish I said how cute she was and how I wish someone would take her and they offered her to me for 3 dollars!! How could I say no?! Pookie is a grey/white teddy bear and Kijiji is the more traditional brown teddy. Pookie has the really long fur on his butt and Kijiji is just plain huge :) And yes, Kijiji is named after the site my bf and I use quite frequently....

I have a 10 gallon tank and a 50 gallon tank that are stocked with fish. I had only a ten gallon up until three days ago when the neighbors moved out and left three aquariums behind with all the fish still in them!!! The landlord said he didnt know what to do with them and wanted to "get rid of them" so I said :yell: and I rescued them. Now they are safe and sound at my house. There are two fish I have not yet identified. I resuced five enourmous goldfish, 2 plecos and two giant, whatever they are. My oroginal fish in my ten gallon are a pink zebra and two trpoical fish, Im unsure of what they are but they are small and adorably cute.

As of now I am trying to add a dog to my family, I have no plans of having kids and all I need right now is a dog to call my own :) I have lots planned out for when the pooch gets here but the plans cant come into action when theres no dog!!!!

BTW, the leash free park in ST.Catherines is awesome! I was there just yesterday and IVe been smiling ever since.:cloud9:

Enough with my blabbing!! It's time to have a look around the site! Nice to meet you all! :grouphug:

November 5th, 2007, 06:36 PM
Welcome to ~ you have quite the menagerie! but of course there's always room for a dog :lovestruck: Looking forward to seeing pix of you amazing family :thumbs up