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Bitter Apple and Bedding

October 31st, 2007, 11:36 AM
does it SMELL bad?? ive never been able to keep bedding in Misters kennel. he chews it to pieces.... at soem point?? he is never kenneled (against his desires) when we are home but he does like sleeping in it, he chewed one over night, he chews his toys in there and then naturally moves on to the OTHER chewy thing in his bed... he is a ripper so i give him things he can shred like card board boxes and paper towel rolls. he doesnt exactly eat those, just rips them up into little pieces. i made him this really great quilted bedding that i thought would be less tempting because it didnt have edges to stick up but we got him up the next morning and it was in pieces too. :rolleyes: that was a wasted 6 hours LOL!!

anyways, i thought about spraying it with bitter apple spray but i wasnt sure how it would smell. its one thing to not give him bedding but quite another to MAKE him go in his kennel and sniff something unpleasant, you know??

is this really going to be one of those things where we ahve to wait till he is 2yo before attempting bedding again? or can i spray it with bitter apple and hope he gets the point??



October 31st, 2007, 12:31 PM
Are you talking about a product such as "Phooey?" If so, it doesn't have an odor I was able to detect (but don't know if Mister would be able to :shrug:). It does taste awful though. We bought it once and the Sandman had to test it first to make sure it worked :rolleyes: as he does with everything we give the dogs (I forbid he eat the raw though :D ). After a quart of milk he gave it the :yuck: and :thumbs up .

It may work but don't let Mister see you spray it on and let it dry before putting it back in his crate.

October 31st, 2007, 03:23 PM
oh yes, Sandmans bravery aside.... ours was stupidity. i sprayed my plants on the living room floor... crawled around then went and ate a sandwich. wow!! took forever to get that taste out of my mouth!! ever licked a green persimmon?? needless to say i had mercy on my son and went out and rented a carpet shampooer.

he isnt a horrible chewer by ANY means. we are careful not to leave anything out. he has only chewed one irreplaceable thing and that was our buffet leg. it was my great grandmother wedding gift from her father. silly dog, wood is for beavers!!

their web site says it has a bitter taste and smell. i think he will just have to deal with not having a bed for a bit longer. it bothers me to see him clunk around that big kennel with nothing to sleep on but it bothers me more to think of loosing him to something as dumb as string from a blanket.

anyone else have this issue? is this normal to not be able to have a blanket or any sort of bedding in their kennel or do most people just let them have the blanket to chew anyway??


October 31st, 2007, 03:35 PM
when Bree was smaller than what she is, she would distroy her blankets that were put in her crate.. well I learnt that it was for us not them to put a blankie in the create.... I could not get her to stop chewing on it and like you was scared that she would eat a string or a piece of it, soooo no blankets for her. she did not mind it one bit !! she went in her create no problem at night for naps with no problemo......
once out her create she got a pillow to lie on and not eat it.. if she even attemped to chew on it I would take it away.. she has learnt that the pillow is for lieing on not chewing on :laughing:

October 31st, 2007, 06:10 PM
It sounds like he's chewing and ripping as a self-soothing behaviour. Does he do the same thing when he is ABSOLUTELY exhausted? I'm guessing not or at least not beyond a little mouthing. What do think about a real bone ~ one without a lot of meat and no marrow ? Or would that wake him up?

October 31st, 2007, 08:31 PM
*shrugs* im not sure he is ever really exhausted.

we do what we can. we have spread his activities through out all 3 of us who are capable.

he keeps a kong or two on hand and there is always a big bone in some state of being chewed up. the huge bones that have marrow in them and some baked meat and then he gets the gleeful satisfaction of ripping up the days cardboard before it goes into the recycle bin. *sheepish* it makes him so happy. :)

his bedding issue... he worries, chews and rips it up. i think he would do the same with anything we kept in the living room if he knew it was HIS. he also really enjoys nosing and tossing and rolling through blankets/towels.

i dont think its anything UNUSUAL. just wondering how others stood with their chewing puppies.