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i'm brand new!!!

October 27th, 2007, 02:19 PM
hi everyone! i'm very happy i found this site. in my town few people share my enthusiasm for canine friends. i have three. Husky, miss condoleezza rise, a geerman shepherd, don vito corleone and what i call a germansky a cross between the two. none of them are related though. we got them from all over. my mother wanted two german shepards and i wanted two huskies. we were both so bent on getting our way that we went and found ourselves a dog each then we came to a compromise when we saw an ad advertising gsdXhusky pups. my germansky's name is don michael "mika" corleone. they are a very loving pack. although vito not the youngest he is the clingiest. and suffers from extreme separation anxiety while our other two dogs don't mind too much when we leave. today i took mika to the vet and vito worked himself into a frenzy at the sight of mika leaving him.

my husky leeza is demanding my attention so i'm typing this with one hand. i think i'll put her outside so she can have a howling session with the husky down the road.

about my germansky it seem as though the gsd genes and the husky genes are at war in his little body (he's only 13 weeks). one day he looks like a husky, the next he looks like a german shep. right now he looks like a husky.

living in africa i get very worried about the heat, my mother thinks our huskies will be okay but like any good mother i worry anyway.
just saying hi are there any other husky owners in her i'd like to swap stories andshare experience. i fell in love with the breed after watching that movie with the cute guy, eight below. and i haven't looked back since.

October 27th, 2007, 02:27 PM
Well all I can say is that YOU have a lot of NERVE...describing these delicious pups with not even OFFERING a glimpse....nary a hand-drawn facsimile ...a painted pictire...anything .... :laughing:

Sounds like a great tribe ~ how about a picture?

October 27th, 2007, 02:45 PM
you are quite right. i'll get working on it!
just to give you an idea let me decribe them. miss rise has some old german shep blood so she is not as stocky as the average husky. she's long and lean. and very pretty. when she sits she crosses her front legs like the real miss condoleezza rise. she looks quite royal and is the riegning Queen of the yard.
Vito, the gsd hasn't yet learnt to handle his size so he's quite clumsy. he looks very important as well wen he's standing or sitting still. but all that flies out the window as soon as he starts moving around, he's very energetic and he doesn't know what to grab first so we've had to vito proof all our stuff. then mika, he is very cat like, he climbs a lot, he arches his back like a cat sometimes i think he even miaows. he's the most level headed of the lot. he prefers to sit and observe. At the moment he looks like a baby black backed jackal (an african species of the dog family, looks like a dirty british fox, slightly bigger) he's party eyed he has these pale blue eyes one has a hazel cloud in the upper half can't always see it. and he's the sweetest.

October 27th, 2007, 04:02 PM
A tease ~ that's what you are ~ a TEASE! :laughing: Looking forward to seeing them all!

October 27th, 2007, 11:06 PM
Welcome to the board, milevi!

I'm gonna have to get pushy here and ask for (nay--demand) those pix too! :D We're a pushy lot when it comes to pictures of furbabies! They sound like a lovely bunch! :thumbs up