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Potty training my dog... please help me, Im really beginner at this.

October 26th, 2007, 01:41 AM
I have a almost 2 years old Maltese called Mango. For 1 year i have bought him from the pet store, i never had any chances to teach him where to go to washroom, therefore, he always go to the specific carpet place to pee. We covered that place with plastic paper, but we don't really want to have him do his business there. We want him to pee in the washroom, but he just wont no matter how hard I made him to. What should I do???? Please Help Me!!!!!!!!! Im getting so mad over this.

Other thing is, that place where he is peeing is stained real badly, anybody know how to wash the stains away or clean it?

I heard this forum has a lot of dog experts and I hope somebody can help me ASAP. I thank you in advance. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! Yes Im desperate:cry:

October 31st, 2007, 07:31 AM
Dogs prefer an absorbent place to go potty. So yeah, carpets inside the home are probably the main area to get affected. I hate carpets.. ugh... Mom-in-law had a yorkie and didn't let her out enough and the dog went poo/pee on the living room rug often. We have all wood floors, and when she moved out I got rid of that area rug lickety split and had it packed w/ the rest of her stuff in the moving van. :evil: lol! Since then I have no carpets whatsoever (except a small one under a chair - it tends to scratch the wood floor), because even the cat hacks up hairballs occasionally and would do it on a rug if we had one.

To clean up a mess, pick up the solids and soak up liquids with paper towels or whatever, and then toss on some baking soda. Let it sit there for a bit to soak up odors and vacuum it up. There are some sprays too you can get to neutralize odors. Otherwise the animal will smell where it went before and might try to go there again.

Try to take the time to potty train your furry friend. Attach him to you via leash when you're home, and head where you want him to potty at regular intervals. Such as, after play/exercise, after eating, after waking up/naps. Adult dogs might be able to hold it for approx 5 hours, but you'd have to do some reading to make sure that's correct. When he's attached to you in house, keep an eye out for the squatting, whining, sniffing around and take him outside. When he goes potty where you want, praise.

Why do you want him to go in the bathroom? I had a former friend who lived in an apartment and they bought a cocker spaniel and never took the dog out for walks or anything and the dog went potty in the apartment. They laid down paper and all that jazz... but seriously... their apartment was RANK and smelled horrible. And their dog was ill behaved on top of all that, probably due to lack of exercise.

In my opinion it's better to go outside. If you don't have your own property, you can pick up poo in a plastic garbage sack and throw it away.

October 31st, 2007, 10:20 AM
You have to teach your dog where you want them to go.I have zero expereince training a dog to pee indoors, however when training our puppy to go outside you have to take them out a lot, as soon as they eat, after any naps..etc..then heap on the praise.

There is a product that i used - Nature's Miracle. You spray it on any area they may have peed/pooped.They will return to the areas they have gone in the past if they can smell it. It worked for us.

I am sure there are a ton of others here that have a lot of expereince that can help you out, and I suggest doing a search of the topics as there may be previous threads that have some tips you can use.

October 31st, 2007, 10:47 AM
Well, first of all, you have been letting him go inside for a year - because you were too busy - and now you're 'mad' because you cannot retrain him to go in yet another room? This is crazy, and very unnatural for the dog. Unless you are disabled or in prison, your dog needs to go outside on a regular basis, for his health, to be walked and interact with people and other (friendly) dogs. And that is where he needs to do his business. Even a little dog is a DOG, with basically the same needs as a labrador.

So start taking him outside at regular intervals, as if he was a puppy (maybe not quite as often, since his bladder is bigger than a puppy's) and praise him to the skies when he goes.

If he makes a mistake inside, do not yell at him. Two seconds after he has gone he has forgotten and you will only make him fearful.