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Possible Aggression/ Protection Problem?

white wrabbit
October 24th, 2007, 02:42 PM
i have always owned herding dogs. cattle dog or border collie crosses.. well our new one is not a mix with it in it.. she has no herding instincts at all.. her mom was a Doberman and father defiantly some kind of hound.. (she has a lot of hound traits) she is 7 months possible a year old.. adopted from shelter.. i am waiting on a call back i am not sure if she is fixed or not.. she is suppose to be but can't find scar... and it is not in the medical records i have for her.. just a date it was suppose to happen by..

well she seams to be my suck.. she is still timid around my hubby still but she is coming around... how ever last night my daughter had her aqua doodle pad on using it on the blanket Maggie and i came in from inside and she started barking and growling.. (not at my daughter directly. but general area..) i could see Jalene legs moving under the make shift blanket.. i told her to take it off her.. witch she did.. the barking and growling stopped and Maggie was over there licking her and sniffing her..

well this after noon Jalene made some kind of noise i can't really describe it.. but Maggie came out barking and growling again not at Jalene. (but what ever might of made this noise) and nothing like yesterday she saw nothing was around her went over and did her licking and sniffing her thing..

My daughter is 4 years old... i never had this problem with a dog before and she seams like a pretty laid back girl..

white wrabbit
October 24th, 2007, 02:55 PM
forgot this is the youngest dog i have ever owned in my life i always went for older dogs before.. so it is new and i am learning from it... (wanted a younger one to grow with my young family) my last one was too hard on me.. when we had to have him put down:angel2:... (plus i have never owned a female either)

October 24th, 2007, 11:39 PM
Sounds to me like your pup is thinking she is protecting "her pack" & it's youngest member - your daughter. Since Maggie has most likely never spent a considerable amount (if any at all) around young kids she is unfamiliar with the various movements/sounds they make, always keep an eye on her when she is around your daughter & any other kids until she is socialized enough around the little people so as not to be startled by fast/hidden motion & loud/unexpected noises.

Don't forget to have Maggie enrolled in obedience/socialization classes as soon as possible so she has a series of commands she will consistantly respond to & you can control her behaviour effectively when startled.

white wrabbit
October 25th, 2007, 01:13 PM
i wish obedience classes were available out here!!!!!!!!(very small town) need some help with getting her attention some times when she is in her own hound world. (working on it. i have been reading many good things on here.) might try penny's in a can but she is startled easily so haven't done it yet... and once in a while i will drop a toy on purpose for the noise of it.. so she will get use to it...

she does get a trip to the bus stop every morning (lots of kids) and she is a timid dog some what she still is not 100% comfy with hubby won't go to him when called hides behind me. and she is not left alone with them (kids) till i am 110% sure they are safe.. wait i do slip off to the bathroom.. my youngest is just about 2 and she is very gentle with him.. he was the one who got her to start eating he fed her out of his hand.. still takes her food to and i can take it out of her mouth (so can kids) with no problems if i have to remove some thing...

i am just worried down the road if this keeps up.. that might be an incident might not be with my kids but maybe be some one else's. i know it has only been twice it happened but what to do if it continues it is good to have the knowledge.. instead of reacting the wrong way...

never had a older puppy and young kids and my last dog was older and he was introduced as the kids were born..

white wrabbit
October 25th, 2007, 05:34 PM
ok how do i get here use to the jumpy movements of kids???
i don't want to have to take her back!! (safety of my kids are more important then any thing else in my life)

she was just barking and growling at my oldest boy 8.. he was doing his bouncy i am bored.. he has AHAD. so he is always moving.. he was no where even close to Maggie either or the other 2 kids.. other side of the room...

i could use some ideas, suggestions, opinions please!!!

October 31st, 2007, 06:56 PM
I have a 1 year old Bulldog that makes this awful rooster sound and very distinctive noise that sounds like a growl...but is used when things are unfamiliar to's because he is the bigger chicken! Your story about the aqua doodle reminded me of this one story: I took Floyd for a walk and a man rollerbladed by with hockey gloves and a hockey stick...Floyd made these noises and the man was scared. We saw him again on our walk and the man said that my dog made him uncomfortable. Once I told him to put the stick down Floyd was fine...He does this to anything he is unfamiliar with (including the mac and cheese box!).

Could this be part of the problem? When we moved we had boxes all around out apartment and Floyd would carry on until he would go up to the unfamiliar object and sniff at it....

Another thing he does with try to engage them in play..but his play noise isn't like any sound I am used to...since I am used to Golden Retrievers..haaha..

I don't know if this helps!

October 31st, 2007, 10:08 PM
one thing we did in our home that was probably the best idea (in a long string of bad ones) we've ever had is simply hand feed. have your 4yo hand feed through out the morning, you feed through out the afternoon. my 7yo carried around a baggie of dog food for months. i knwo its harder with a 4yo but giving it your best shot i think would really help put everyone in their position.


white wrabbit
November 2nd, 2007, 05:24 PM
we have learned that she has not been around men so we have been at night using my at first my oldest sons coat to cover the front so the cats don't tease her.. now we are using my hubbys.. she has not done any thing since my oldest comes home now and she whines at the door if he leaves to go out with his friends to play.. she is still a bit shy around hubby but dosent help he is and won't be home that much this month.. and it was a she was scared thing she is more comfortable in the house now and with us..

and i am working with my oldest to calm down some so Maggie dosent get wuond up and starts jumping on him now to play..

i was panicking plus the vet gave hubby and oldest son a new way to pet the dog under the chin so she has to look up at them... just like any other male after she is some what comfortable with them..