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Cute Cat Comic

October 24th, 2007, 10:28 AM
just thought it was appropriate... just walked past The Moofy Poofie Kins Of Doom...


Jim Hall
October 24th, 2007, 10:44 AM
What a cool comic!!

BTW how did your discussion go Re the pets and the finances ?

October 24th, 2007, 11:44 AM
What a cool comic!!

BTW how did your discussion go Re the pets and the finances ?

it didnt really. we touched on the subject but Chris and Jeffrey ran fevers all day friday, saturday and still felt crummy on sunday. ive been meaning to update on Shadow and his 'peeing' but as per usual, im doing most of my on-lineing (haha my new word for the week) in spurts and im easily distracted?? :) for now, he wasnt peeing, it was vomit from his upper intestinal tract. we went in (since NO ONE was feeling well) like little mini HAZMAT folks and never got down and smelled it before we had the bed in pieces and washed or bagged. he puked again once more the next morning and i noticed i didnt smell anythign and it looked exactly the same so i got down and smelled it... no smell. called vet... said not to worry if he wasnt acting funny but to keep in touch if anythign changes.

anyways, abotu talking about finances... Chris was feeling so crummy i think he wouhdl have been in tears if we had to talk about that. as is, i think we have found a good home for Baby Girl. its somethign we ahve been talking abotu for a little over a year now because she is so skittish here with the dog and the little kids and stuff. we have a friend who is a single chic with one other cat who is very laid back. she feeds a wet diet currently and her parents feed their dogs raw so THATS really promising cause i think the Moofiekins would take ya out in your sleep of you expected her to eat prepared food again LOL!! btu this isnt going at warp speed either. we have known this girl is interested in out Moof for a few months. just got to get UNBUSY enough to go meet her, see her house/cat and hang out for a bit before deciding. this isnt a decision based on finances but because we all feel she would be happier in a MUCH quieter home. she has a vision issue that makes it hard for her to see in certain light or things that come fast and well... we have kids and dogs and other cats and busyness all the time.

wow.... what an epic!!!

thats a great comic BTW. really good humor for software engineers (of which Chris is)

thanks for asking Jim, its been something i think we are avoiding like the plague.