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Ellen and Iggy

October 23rd, 2007, 01:42 AM
Read the letters (300+ and counting). Some interesting rants on rescue.

October 23rd, 2007, 07:02 AM
I hope this is not to outta place to put here, But this stuff ruffles my feathers just a tad.
SPCA groups,

Here a nasty little set of event that took place not all that long ago
Our great SPCA
One of the head ones (A Lady) went to a horse farm several times trying to get the owners to sell her a certain horse, The owner refused over and over to sell this horse, as It was there Personal Favorite,
Upon this SPCA ladies last failed attempt to buy this animal,
She blatantly stated ďI will have this Horse one way or the other!
The horse owner shook this off as nothing and continued about their business.

Approx 2 weeks later these fine horse folks gets a yard full of Police and the SPCA people in their yard, (They have arrived to steal horses of their choice)
Shortly after arriving it is determined that the horses of choice where out in a pasture,
The male owner is told to bring the horses in,
He attempts to do the normal routine of opening the gate so the horses can follow their normal routine of going to the barn, unhindered by fences or aid other then his own and perhaps an extra hand to ensure they donít go elsewhere.
Well upon his opening the gate, this head SPCA Lady Demands the police to handcuff the male owner and place him under arrest for interfering.

Finally after several unnecessary incidents, they manage to get the horses rounded up and put within the barn,
A number of the SPCA members go thru the horses and tells which ones they want, and what ones they donít want, (strange ah take some, leave some)

All the horses are shoved in the same trailer, Stallion with mares, young and even one old female that could hardly stand,

The big clincher here is while this whole picture was unfolding, all events were being recorded.

I must also mention these horse people had a few dogs, The SPCA wanted them too,
But the small animal vet backed down and said no, Even stated after seeing the animals that the horses shouldnít be taken either, But he was not the large animal vet so he had no power over that section.

Several days later the owners of the horses found out where they were being kept.
The man approached these people, whom had temporary housing of the animals,

For some reason the people housing the horses thought this gentleman was from the media, and answered all his questions and allowed pictures to be taken. (Remember no one as yet was aware of the nights filming the horses were stolen)

Anyways he was told that the older horse was trampled and killed that night along with one of the young horses,

Their next step was to see the horses, upon entering the barn their was a deathly stench,
A large group of horses stood in a large open pen, in the middle was a dead horse with some scant pieces of straw laying on top of it as the other horses fought over the stray,
They had already lost a lot of weight.
Upon further investigation it was found one horse had the side of its face ripped off.
Pictures were taken of all this.

Anyways court date arrives, The SPCA presents its evidence, hum not good,

Then the owners present their side, Ouch!
The recording is produced, played for all to see, Pictures of the dead horse and others eating over it, The horse with the ripped face, etc.
Countless people testifies to the well being of the horses just previous to the Stealing of them,

The SPCA starved the animals, Castrated the stallions, let the animals be subject to torture which resulted in one having half its face ripped off, And tried to lay blame to the owners, DIRTY trick they was trying to play, But it failed,

Anyways there were several court sessions and needless to say the owners won,
Horses was to be all returned and damages paid,
However the head Lady of this group had by this time sold all the horses,

Itís still in the courts, Bureaucratic bull,

Oh and sheís no longer with the SPCA.
But she didnít act alone,

They had been on a stealing spree, stealing horses, cattle, dogs,
No one dared stand up to them, until they hit these people,
Funny how the stealing came to an end after this,

But donít worry they will be back, itís just the nature of the beast!
Since this I no longer believe what they say or show in pictures,
An abuse of our trust, we seem to trust these people without question,

Maybe we need to re think this.

October 23rd, 2007, 07:14 AM
i hit the first handful of editors choice.

over all, thought it was a great article. it hit down to the bottom line of it. someone here said before.... better a homed declawed cat than one euthanized.


October 23rd, 2007, 07:48 AM
Great article! I do agree that people in rescue sometimes lose sight of the big picture which is to get abandonned animals adopted.

I was also told that my dog was not the dog for me. He was too big for my place, we didn't have a yard, we had jobs during the day and he needed someone with him 24/7 (WTF???)..... I was strongly discouraged from adopting him as well.

7 years later, he gets all the exercise I can stand, has adjusted to spending the day alone and sleeps on a king size bed every night!

I've also been refused from a cat rescue once before.

I said:

Yes, we have one other kitten that we found outside a year ago. We took him to the vet, cleaned him up and decided to keep him in our family. He never goes outside and as far as I know is as healthy as can be.

They said:

The kitten, who was born outside, may or may not have FIV and this cat that you want certainly does not have FIV so we don't want to take a chance of exposing the cat you want to a potentially sickly kitten.


October 23rd, 2007, 10:18 AM
I think there are many people in these kinds of organizations with power rips. Certainly someone with an SPCA who has a badge thinks they have more right to boss others around, and people like that need to be watched, just as much as the people they are watching.

Rescues, while I think mean very well, can go overboard. I think on one hand its great that they are trying to find the best possible home for an animal, but sometimes they are blinded by what they might think is right as opposed to giving someone a chance.

Both of my cats are adopted straight from vet's offices as kittens, so I haven't had to go through any kind of scrutiny some rescue organizations might put potential adopters through. I'm hoping when the day comes, they don't make it difficult for me, because it's about giving an animal a loving home.

October 23rd, 2007, 07:06 PM
I do not watch Ellen - never have time - But I did see an article about this controversy.I so think rescues have to be very vigilant - they have after all seen the worst in people and what they do to animals and I would never allow any cat to be declawed (There are no kill shelters after all!). I suspect there are over zealous people in all organizations and like everything else, the truth about all of this lies in the middle. I would never allow a Siamese to be declawed to a potential adopter 0 that pperson would be off my list immediately but the cat would never be eutheized either. That statement is rather inflammatory and does not represent what;'s going on out there.

That said, many declawed cats are those who need adoptio nso ppl who want a declawed cat should check shelters and rescues.

I really am upset when I see very little money asked for a pet by some groups or too poorly done home visits and so forth. But I do not think a family should be denied a dog because they work long hrs or other frivolous reasons. In many cases, it is a plethora of issues that lead to problems, not just one issue.