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Pregnantcy for dog

October 21st, 2007, 08:43 AM
Hi im new urgent question i have a female american Eskimo i pretty sure she pregnant this will be her 2nd litter but i think there is a problem with her i am taking her to our vet on Monday, but was wanting to know if there is anything i can do for her untill i find out what is wrong if any??? She has a little pop issue alittle runny and also i noticed last night she is having a discharge from other area its watery/pinkish,orange color not alot. she is eating alittle as long as i feed her she drinking plenty of water shoud i be real scared???? i tried to find a 24hr vet and there is not one anywhere near me and no vets are open on sunday can someone tell me alittle more about this to make me feel better and something to make her feel better untill tomorrow untill i get her to the vet Please

jesse's mommy
October 21st, 2007, 10:27 AM
I live in Apopka and yes there are vets available today. Here is a list of some I found on the yahoo yellow pages and you can also go to any Petsmart and see the Banfield Vets. The Banfield Vets in Altamonte Springs are actually very good and extremely caring.

Please also take a look at Petfinder and see how many unwanted dogs are out there and think about how many are put to sleep everyday because of the overpopulation and consider spaying your dog. You really don't need to contribute to an epidemic that's already out of control.