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My Springer is 7months!!!

October 20th, 2007, 05:10 PM
I can't believe that Rio is already 7months. She is very much bonded with her sister Cagney. I just got a new camera and before I even looked at the manuel, I went outside to photograph the GIRLZ. I am attempting to upload from a photobucket site-frustrating process. Can't send larger attachments...just keep trying!!

October 20th, 2007, 05:29 PM
Rio is too cute !

You might want to try PhotoFiltre. It's real easy.

October 20th, 2007, 06:47 PM
Both of them are sweethearts! and, yes - the time does fly - I find it hard to believe that "little" Amber is over 2 yrs old!

October 20th, 2007, 07:29 PM
What cuties! I'll bet there's lots of zany zoomies in your house with those two :crazy:

October 20th, 2007, 11:23 PM
Rio has one of those hard to resist faces :lovestruck:

October 21st, 2007, 12:22 AM
Cuteness x 2 :lovestruck: :lovestruck:

October 21st, 2007, 11:08 AM
Hey guys-thanks for the positive on my Girlz!! Rio is such a great pup. She goes like stink at the dog park and everyone loves to watch her go!!!
She seems to be all housetrained-no mistakes in months! We have left her out of her crate for 4 times about 3 hours and my house is still standing.

If any of you are looking for a great dog--English Springer from a well known breeder. This dog needs a good 45min minimum run at park or outside on sidewalk per day. If you commit to that, she settles for the day. Loving beyond words-likes to touch you. Sometimes she just sits in my line of view staring at me and smiling!! Very community-goes to anyone and happy,happy go lucky!!!! :angel::lovestruck::cloud9::goodvibes:

white wrabbit
October 21st, 2007, 11:19 AM
She is a very beautiful girl!

October 21st, 2007, 02:28 PM
Ohhh, Rio has gotten so big!!! I just love Springers! Awww! :lovestruck: Great pics, thank you!!!!

October 21st, 2007, 02:32 PM
She is adorable :lovestruck:.

October 22nd, 2007, 10:57 AM

I am so happy right now!!!! I am happy not that i posted "yet" another photo of my tired looking baby but that i was able to post direct onto this thread...yahoooo

Breeze-you came through big for me! I so appreciate your kindness. There are so many people on this forum who truly are KIND. Thanx

October 22nd, 2007, 05:19 PM
ah what a sweetie

October 22nd, 2007, 06:19 PM
She has certainly grown from an adorable pup to a beautiful young lady. :cloud9: