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Doggy is Prenant

October 19th, 2007, 03:59 PM
First off, I was'nt sure where to put this topic, I thought this would be the most relevant.

Secondly about a month ago I see a Chihuahua hanging around my house, next thing I know is him and my dog are having a little 'fun'.

Now my dog is pregnant by this dog (makes me mad too! but too late now)

Now my question for you all may sound stupid, but after she has her young will her breasts go back to normal, and will she go back to looking the same? Or will she be stuck with how she looks for good? I dont want to offened anyone by saying a dog looks ugly after they're pregnant, but thats just how I feel.. Will she not be 'ugly' anymore after she's done feeding her young and stuff?
I just want her cute little self back, she is like my only child ;) :P

She is a Purebread Toy Fox, but she looks identical to a teacup minpin. (She is VERY Small, I dont know how she'll manage having babies..)

Also I am planning on selling her babies when they are ready to go away from their mommy. What is a price to sell them at? We paid $700.00 for her (Dinky). But her puppies will not be Purebread; like said above this darn Chihuahua came around, so they'll be a mix of Toy Fox/Chihuahua. What is a reasonable price to sell these puppies for? If there is a Runt I'm planning on keeping that, but the rest are outta here.

Sorry if this is the wrong section for this post!! Admin move it if neccessary!!

If I could get these questions answered and off my mind I'd appriciate it a lot!

Thank you, Max!!

October 19th, 2007, 05:58 PM
im sorry, im not usually the one to freak out on the person who posts about yet another pregnant dog....

but i gotta ask these few questions-

your upset that your unspayed dog (your fault) is pregnant by another dog that came near your dog (while you were presumably suppose to be watching your very small helpless dog) to do only what all unfixed dogs do naturally (again, your responsibility) and now you are worried your dog will look UGLY because of pregnancy?!?! honestly?!?! i really dont mean to be rude here but its a very real and likely possibility YOUR DOG WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS.


take your dog to get spayed NOW, abort those puppies and hope its not too late to save her life.


October 19th, 2007, 06:18 PM
I agree- since she is a purebred,and you did not indicate if she is qualified to be a breeder , do you have the rights through show and the megabucks one must pay for this privilege if she is show quality tho my guess is you would be devastated if she bred with a dog not of the same breed so that sort of answers my query there. ) I am no eugenicist but any dog who becomes pregnant for whatever reason and is not from a quality breeder and involved in shows and so forth (ie a grand champion , bred with another grand champion) should not have puppies. This is not to suggest she may have adprable pu[pies. The prble is OVERPOPULATION!!!

There are tons of shelters across North America with cute cuddly puppies who need homes now. If you allow your dog to have her puppies - without having experience and a vet on speed dial and a mentor and and and... many more resources I can't begin to enumerate - you will be inadvertently joining the ranks of back yard breeders even if that was not your choice. Clearly, it would appear your dog by mistake became pregnant and did not get to the vet in time to be spayed but no fear, you can go now before it is too late and spay her asap and thus not bring into the world more puppies. Just glance at the pages and pages of puppies who need homes. Please do your dog this favour- she will be so much healthier for it and you will not have to worry about finding homes for more puppies.

Take care - and take your dog to the vet asap!!!! Good luck!!!

October 19th, 2007, 06:24 PM
I did not see the "teacup" part - there is no such recognized "breed" as teacup - it is a marketing gimmick used by back yard breeders so please do not keep perpetuate this fallacy. Put an end to this now. A small dog may not survive the pregnancy. I can't believe you would even consider selling dogs that are not quality puppies - according to the the reputable dog registries. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you did not realize this re the word "teacup" but most knowledgeable breeders will tell you to "run as fast as you can" when you see the word "teacup". It usually refers to a small dog who may or may nor have medical problems and is sometimes used by puppy mills and illicit nback yard breeders for financial gain.

This does not help puppies and dogs. It's cruel and despicable and I am hopeful that you bought your puppy in good faith without knwing all this. I would advise you to do more research before you ever purchase a dog again. And please spay this one before she has puppies and you have an ill or dead dog. Please - give your dog your utmost love and caring!! Thx!

October 19th, 2007, 08:38 PM
:wall::wall::wall::wall::wall: nuff said :frustrated:

October 19th, 2007, 08:46 PM
I do believe your dog's breasts will get back to normal.

Most people on this board on VERY pro spay/neuter.

Even though we are only a few posts deep - this thread had run its course and will now be closed.

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