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Canine Diabetes

October 18th, 2007, 08:03 AM
My Lhasa Is 9 And Was Diagnosed With Diabetes In July. Has Since Developed A Urinary Infection And Has Gone Completely Blind. She Is Urinating Throughout The House (she Never Did That Before) She Pee Like A Full Grown Man After A 6 Pk. I Am Not Home Most Of The Day Since I Work.the Smell Will Knock You Over. I Have To Replace Wall To Wall Carpeting I Will Not Block Her Off Since I Have Another Dog Also. There Is A Doggy Door For Them. If I Crate Or Block Her Off She Will Feel Like I Am Punishing Her. The Vet Said She Can't Help It. Iwalk Her 2 Times A Day.i Don't Know What To Do. I Inject Her 2 Times A Day. I'm Totally Exhausted Im Up At 3:30am Because I Can't Give Her Insulin Till She Eats So I Have To Be Out Of House By 5 The Latest. The Diabetes And Blindness I Can Deal With. I Love Her So Very Much But Don't Know If I Am Just Prolonging The Inevitable. What Is Her Quaility Of Life?????

October 18th, 2007, 10:18 AM
Sounds to me like she isn't very well regulated. What type and how much insulin is she getting? Do you test her blood glucose at home or go to the vet for "curves"? If you haven't seen these websites yet, I recommend checking them out:

Animals with diabetes can live long, happy and healthy lives, so don't dispair just yet. You might just have to get more aggressive with her treatment (hometesting, diet change, insulin change) to find the right combo for your dog.