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Proving Cat Ownership in T.O.

October 17th, 2007, 05:44 AM
Hello all, I need some advice...

I have been threatened to be taken to court by an ex of mine over the ownership of a cat. The cat is not licenced in the City of Toronto. We've shared the cat at our apartment for a little over a year and have recently broken up. However, this cat was entirely paid for by me (ex=unemployed). The cat was very sick in his first few months so there is an extensive record at our vet (where I adopted the cat) and the cat is entirely under my name (this cat has my last name and resides at my permanent address...not the apartment).

The ex is claiming ownership of the cat, holding it hostage and has threatened legal action (not sure what that would be exactly) if I ever come and claim him...

What classifies as legal ownership of a pet in Toronto, the city issued licence or vet records?

Has anybody else been in this horrible situation?