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FIND IT - does anyone do/play this game/training?

Ford Girl
October 15th, 2007, 01:35 PM
Hi, just wondering if anyone out there plays find it or works on tracking skills with their dog??

We have been working on Dazy’s tracking skills, the “find it” command/game for months now, not all the time, but when she won't settle but we are in the house for the day - lazy days - which is why it's not all the time. :D At first we started in the living room with a ball, and we’d hide it in simple areas like under the coffee table or couch cushion, and slightly in view, we bring her in the hall way, tell her down and wait, she waits until we say FIND IT, then she starts tracking. Nose down, up and down, doesn't miss a corner, in and out of the living room, and when she doesn’t get a good trace of it, she goes back in the hall and starts again, like she’s cleaning out her nose to start over, amazing!!! You would not believe how good she is getting!! You can so tell that this is one of her breed traits, unreal. Last night I hid her new Cuz ball under my father in law, under a blanket, he sat on both, she came in, circled him once, went in to the kitchen for a second to start at the first of the track cuz that’s the route I did when hiding it, and right back to him, then she sits down and puts her paw on Paul’s knee, and noses him 2 times, he gets up, she flips the blanket over and there it was!! It’s fun to watch her think it all thru…and we even try to trick her, we go to different places in the house, and pretend to place the ball there, nope, she knows by her nose….unreal!! Last night we even hid it in the wood pile inside beside the fire place, under about 6 sticks of wood; she found it in less then 2 minutes.

I think it’s amazing to see her find things, she is on a mission to find it, and then she's so happy with herself when she does find it! She will look and look and look until it's found. Thought I would share, something positive for a crappy Monday! (my Monday's crappy anyways) We haven’t tried outside of the living room and kitchen; I think we will start expanding it thru the house and yard. She loves it and it tires her out!!!!

Not that I didn't know that dogs had good sniffers, I just hink it's cool that she has the drive and abilities to think it thru and find it.

Have a great week!

October 15th, 2007, 09:45 PM
Sorry , I only try to teach my dogs things that would help ME in the house , cleaning , dusting , vacuuming , dishes , laundry ....

So far , they're always using the "I have to go outside and pee/poopplay/smell the flowers" excuse :frustrated:


October 15th, 2007, 10:23 PM
My dogs would be hopeless at tracking. They can't find a piece of smelly dried green tripe or a stinky salmon skin bone if they drop it and have to look for it. :laughing: If I get lost in the woods and had to depend on the dogs to find me, I'd better be good at survival skills, cause I'll be there for a very long time. :laughing:


October 15th, 2007, 10:44 PM
Good Job Ford Girl & Dazy :highfive:

I did a little of that with Cally (DalxLab) but only with kibbles hidden - he was more Dal than Lab so also was not really toy driven, more food driven.

The game he LOVED was hide & seek - I would hide in the house & call him in a high pitched voice (only ever used for this game) or someone would say "Go Find Lin" & he would be off like a shot to find me. Because he was not a tracker like Dazy he usually started with where it sounded like I was, going for my previous hiding spots until he walked past & smelled/saw me then he was right there all proud of himself :lovestruck:

I think it would be a fun game for Dazy too :thumbs up

October 16th, 2007, 04:27 AM
I play this game with Dodger too. It was a great outlet for him as a puppy! He loved it so much that we tried official tracking but that went terribly:laughing:.... Dodgerloves finding things at home or in a boring environment but in fields with critters - forget it! At least he's living up to his breed standard:shrug:

He's been taught to find his leash, bowls, toys, keys, remotes and phones... But his favorite "find it" is of course food!

October 16th, 2007, 07:06 AM
how do you do that? we have wanted to train Mister to find the kids, keys and cell phones. those seem to be the thigns we loose the most.

cept Mister cant seem to sniff out his dirty ball in a dirty yard.... :rolleyes:


Ford Girl
October 16th, 2007, 11:44 AM
We play hide and seek too, but she's too good at it, we dont live in a big enough house to trick her or throw her off track. She can find us in a closed closet no issues, but she sure loves the game. When we camp, we do this, hide behind trees and call her, she's very good at finding us. She knows our names - Find mom or Find Dad. We can both hide and get someone to ask her specifically, and she can find the right one. If we say go find Pubert, she goes to him and noses him, you should see his face....he hates it when we do that! ha!

I was going to teach her to find objects, the hardest part would be teaching her what the objects really are, not so much the find/retrival. We taugh her keys, when we taugh her "touch it" at class, however I quit that as fast as we started it due to the drool factor!!! The drool facor is huge in our house, she drools none stop, all the time, food or no food. I really don't want what she has in her mouth after she brings it back! YUK!

Did you guys notice that Cuzes get very drooly? No tennis ball fuzz to absorbe it maybe? YUK! I squeeze it and drool comes out the squeeker hole!!

Ashley - I am not sure how you go about starting it, we kinda stubbled on to it by chance...and as soon as we did it once, she now asks to play it. We hid her ball once, and she found it and was so happy, then we started placing her in a certain spot outside of the room, and told her to wait, then called her in by saying find it! I think they say start with food? But I'm not sure. We increase the difficulty every time we play. Whne we are off leash, we sometimes throw the ball as she is runnign away from us, then we say find it, she tracks off leash, for her ball.

Frenchy - I've been asking Pubert to earn his keep for years, however he has no interesting in working, he prefers being served to serving us. The least he could do is load and runthe dishwasher?

October 16th, 2007, 09:18 PM
Frenchy - I've been asking Pubert to earn his keep for years, however he has no interesting in working, he prefers being served to serving us. The least he could do is load and runthe dishwasher?

I would even dare to ask anything from Monsieur le chat and Paddington :laughing:

And yes , that Cuz gets very drooly , it's nice when the feeth are still attached (wich is not for long here) because you can get a grip on them.

October 16th, 2007, 09:37 PM
Goodwork Dazy and Fordgirl! Good for tiring them out and good for their brains! Bridie will play find "it" as long as "it" is a ball or her sister :rolleyes: She knows "it" as her brother too, she just doesn wanna ! But one of my neighbours has taught his poodleX dog to find his glasses, slippers, the newspaper, TV remote along with a variety of toys with very little training ~ Riley is a very smart dog who has very good language comprehension and association skills.