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laryngeal edema infection

October 15th, 2007, 01:11 PM
I have no idea if this is what it is as my Mom was reading this to me over the phone and spelled it lawrvyngea, but nothing comes up on that. So this is my guess. The symptoms do not fit so I am looking for ideas on what this could be. She is a 11 year old weimeriner (spelling-oops). She had 2 episodes over the weekend that looked like a mini seizure(loss of coordination, rapid eye movement, lymph swollen, wheezing, spaced out). They took blood and all the major organs appear fine. Alot of stuff was slightly elevated they said due to a little dehydration and what ever was causing the episode. The other thing that was mentioned was vestubular syndrome which seems like it fits, but the vet thinks it is this other one so I am looking for either somewhere where I can get some information on the one mentioned in title or other suggestions that look like or may be close to the spelling of the one in message that may fit.