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help re sick dog

October 15th, 2007, 12:29 PM
I have been fostering a sweet little dog for several months (was planning on adopting her myself). She came down with a 105+ fever last Wednesday morning.Took to vet and they took chest xray/checked for UTI/anal glands/bloodwork etc and sent me home. The vet did give her some food while she was there which she threw up on way home and I believe she aspirated some of it. Later that day she threw up some more of it and her fever was 106+ so vet told me to go to ER. She was dx with pneumonia based on symptoms altho I told them about the food and that I thought that caused the pneumonia and something else was causing the fever. Anyway, they started her on IV fluids and antibiotics and by Friday she was almost back to normal and I was planning on bringing her home Saturday. Fever elevated Saturday so they said wait until Sunday. Sunday fever was 104+ so planned on bringing home today and they were going to show me how to administer subq fluids. This morning they called and said her red bloods cells and total blood protein had dropped. WBC slightly up and platelets a little decreased. So they have to now do more tests! Bill is already over $5,000:eek: Thank God the rescue will be picking up most of it. This is like a horrible nightmare and I am praying for her healing, there is only so much money that the rescue can give and same for me. She is only 5-6yo:pray: anneh

October 16th, 2007, 09:14 PM
How awful for you and your dog! Have they given you any ideas as to what they think may be the underlying cause ?