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October 15th, 2007, 12:03 PM
we have decided to not feed raw to Mister anymore. we ahve tried for months to get him to not stick his nose in our faces, to lick Jeffreys face... its just not working. with all of the things we ahve tried to teach him, he has this nochalant attitude of 'but i thought THIS time was ok?' that whole 'make sure you tell him EVERY SINGLE TIME' thing just isnt working.

we have decided to feed Canidae. ive read more than several members love it, and frankly... its better than Alpo. its good enough for me.

i dont knwo what to think of this whole licking thing. its not like he is one of those dogs who lick a million miles a second. its just a lick or two every. single. time. he walks past Jeffreys face. its not just when he is happy to see him or when he smells somethign yummy or right after he eats, its when he goes past Jeffreys face or any of us bend down low enough for his tongue to connect with a FACE. its gross.