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'Queen's Corgis' Up For A Fido

October 15th, 2007, 11:20 AM
'Queen's Corgis' Up For A Fido:dog:

ACTOR Helen Mirren was garlanded with awards for her portrayal of the Queen in The Queen, now it's time for the corgis to share the limelight.

Anna, Poppy, Megan, Alice and Oliver are up for a Fido in the Historical Hound category for their role in the movie at the London Film Festival later this month.

The Fidos are the brainchild of journalist Toby Rose, who annually awards the Palme Dog at the Cannes Film festival to the finest canine performance on screen.

"I loved those corgis because they were funny," Sunday's Observer newspaper quoted Mirren as saying.

"I can understand why the Queen has them. Forget winning an Oscar, I'd be more proud of an award for dog handling."

But the corgis, owned by retired caterer Liz Smith, could face tough competition at the Fidos from a collie mix who appears in Control, Anton Corbijn's film about the life and early death of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis.,23599,22587172-13762,00.html