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Mini Daschund yelps in pain .....

October 12th, 2007, 10:25 AM
I have a Mini Daschund that started yelping in pain this week. Only sometimes when she sits or moves the wrong way or someone touches her backend (legs) the wrong way. She will not jump up on the couch anymore which she would before and will not play at all, she sleeps alot. We have checked her right down for any kind of breaks or bruises. All we found was a small red mark inside one of her legs, almost like she got caught or scratched somewhere. She is a little adventure seeker so this is completely possible. It really seems like she has sore muscles or growing pains or something like that. Has anyone heard of this? and is there anything I can give her to make her feel better, she is only 7 lbs?

She is eating, drinking and having regular bowl movements. So other than the pain she is still doing really well.

Thanks - D

October 12th, 2007, 10:48 AM
PLEASE get your dog to the vet NOW. I have a lot of experience with Dachshund disc disease and this sounds exactly like the beginning of it - frankly if this is the case, I am surprised your pup has not paralyzed by now. Your vet will need to take an X-Ray - should do back and neck - to determine level of calcification. I am surprised that you did not mention possible disc disease in your dog. May I ask how long you have had your Dachshund as this is an extremely common problem - not everyone knows about the neck disc disease, but the back problems are well known. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I have been through full back/neck surgeries with my guys. Time is definitely of the essence. I would phone the vet immediately and get dog in - and tell vet exactly how long pain has been going on. Until you get to the vet, which should be today - all movement should be restricted - carried out to do business - no picking up and handling. Please report back. You don't say where you live - otherwise I might be directing you on where to go with your dog.

October 12th, 2007, 10:48 AM
I think taking her to a vet would be a good idea. I'm sure you know that Dachsunds are prone to back problems, so I'd want to rule that out as a possible cause of her pain. You might also want to prevent her from jumping down from furniture in the future.

Disc disease and disc injuries which can result in paralysis. Owners should use caution while handling, and not allow their Dachshund to jump from: Cars, furniture, beds, arms, etc. They also must be kept at a healthy weight. Because of the expense in treating this condition, pet insurance or a savings account for your Dachshund is a good idea. Owners should be very observant of changes in their companion and seek proper medical attention immediately. Just a few of the symptoms of back problems can include: Lack of appetite, stomach distress, hesitation or inability to do something they physically could do before, withdrawal from activity, unexplained squeaks or cries, weakness. If in doubt, get to your Veterinarian for an evaluation and get an x-ray. The faster this is diagnosed and properly treated, the better the outcome.

October 12th, 2007, 10:50 AM
Ya, what SnowDancer said.

October 12th, 2007, 10:51 AM
I just noted on your profile that your pup was born in May, 2007. Do not let anyone tell you that your dog is too young for disc disease. My first angel should never have walked and suffered first "event" at 6 months. I am 100% certain your vet will tell you to get dog in very fast - and I hope your vet is experienced with Dachshunds - mine is.

October 12th, 2007, 11:39 AM
I was told that she is too young for back problems. I am in contact with the vet as we speak that was happening today anyways I was just wondering if anyone had any insite other than possible back problems.

October 12th, 2007, 01:07 PM
Most definitely NOT too young. According to the neuro my first guy should never have walked period. Every single disc in his back and neck was affected. But back in those days, dogs were either immediately put to sleep or went with the "newer" treatment - stayed at vet's and put on steroids and moved to increasingly smaller cages as movement returned to prevent a further "event". We went through 3 such vet stays and then the neck discs caused serious limping - and would have resulted in his death, so the neuro was called in to perform what was then pioneer surgery on his neck - but in the meantime, while at the vet's, his back went again. This guy was a super Alpha who had no intention of going anywhere. The neuro operated because of his will to live - but we were prepared that there were/are no guarantees. It took 40 days in hospital when he got up and walked - even his cried. His age at the time - he had just turned 3 - so a lot to go through. He lived to be 11 1/2. Who would have thought it would happen to us again with our second special Dachshund (we have had 5 - four at one time) - he lived 10 months to the day of his surgery - and time really was a factor in his case - he paralyzed in 15 minutes so had to be rushed to University Animal Hospital at midnight or there would not have been any hope (Stage II disc disease that does not present in quite the same way) - Emergency neuro said he had about 8 - 12 hours and the Toronto neuro requires a 24 hour window. So we didn't have any time to think. Had we known he would only get 10 months, I can't honestly say we would have put our second angel through the surgery since we knew what it was like, but we were so hopeful, as was the neuro. You might be lucky, in that your pup has not yet paralyzed, but I would really insist on an X-Ray. In the event that it is something else, the X-Ray will at least reveal the level of calcification on your pup's spine at this date - and there will be some. Actually many Dachshunds with calcified discs live full lives with never a problem - but it sure is good to know. I would definitely try to train Khaki to say off the stairs, get ramps to bed and sofa etc. - that type of thing. But other than that, I would let her live her life. Some people forever crate their Dachshunds after such surgery, but these guys are real dogs who have to protect the household. Hope all is well and please don't et your vet discourage you. If necessary, find another vet.

October 12th, 2007, 01:23 PM
Wow SnowDancer I am so sorry to hear your luck but I am very greatful you shared it with me because that is something I am commonly told "too young".

I thought you would like to know we just got back from the VET and she is considered very healthy, he says she is just sore for some reason and gave her two different types of meds and said to keep her calm and she will be feeling incredibly better in a couple of days.

He says there is no signs once so ever of any back problems, thankfully. He said just sore, which is what I thought.

I am just glad I have some kind of answers. I really can not imagine life without Khaki now.

We have a low futon that is why I haven't stopped her from jumping on or off it. She is getting crate trained for nighttime so we can get her out of the bed habit which I am sure will stop her jumping on and off the bed. We are also raising the bed so it is too high, just to keep her off it altogether. Other than that she doesn't really jump per se but climbs more so to get on stuff, I leave a number of cushions on the floor which she will climb on to get on the chair. She doesn't really jump alot.

Thanks to anyone that tried to help and a special thanks to you SnowDancer.

October 12th, 2007, 02:31 PM
Did the doctor do any xrays or recommend an MRI to rule out back problems? How did he come to a diagnosis?

October 12th, 2007, 06:34 PM
bendyfoot beat me to it. I was going to ask if an X-Ray was done. Without the X-Ray - even a basic one that your vet will do (MRIs are generally done by a neuro) will show if there is a problem with your pup's discs. Without said X-Ray impossible to tell. We found out about the neck disease the hard way with our first guy. He started to limp - left front paw - and cried a bit. Vet was closed - was a Sat. night - and I couldn't find anything, and this guy was most definitely not a dog who cried for nothing. We went to Emergency vet who said he had pulled a muscle and prescribed some pain meds. Pain meds ran out and our pup was still limping. In the meantime the X-Rays were supposed to have been sent to our vet's office for his file - they weren't - we took our guy to our regular vet and she got the original X-Rays and was on to the neuro that same day - neck disc disease - surgery required asap. The vet on duty that night at Emergency was inexperienced. Fortunately Toronto now has a fabulous Emergency clinic with specialists (you just need a 24 hour window for major surgery). We were lucky not to lose him. So now I tell every single Dachshund Mommy and Daddy that I meet about this problem because even Dachshund books often don't mention it. It is very possible that Khaki just pulled something, but without an X-Ray I would be a nervous wreck. Re the bed situation - give it up. Dachshunds sleep in the family bed or else there will be no peace in the household - and they tell you when they want to go to bed. Favourite position is often between your knees - horizontally - and even a king bed with one person in it isn't quite big enough for a person and a mini Dachshund. Easier to bed a Great Dane. So back to the ramp. They are readily available these days for those not Do It Yourselfers - of which we are most definitely. In our day - our last darling died in April, 2004 - they were just coming into "fashion" at pet stores etc. to cater to I suppose the teacup crowd and dogs with walking disabilities. I would get one in a minute for a young Dachshund and train him/her to use it. I couldn't go through this again, so now we have an Eskimo and I can worry about hip displasia. NOTHING scares me more than a problem with jumping up etc. In May our Eskie jumped up on the bed a few times and then decided he needed help. I was at the vet's 15 minutes after they opened. He had just pulled a muscle - but with my experience, I was afraid history was repeating itself. Would not be quite the same as the Dachshund problem, but a dog who can't walk, can't walk. I really hope that Khaki is okay.

October 13th, 2007, 05:02 AM
I have to agree ~ if I had a daschund showing symptoms of musculo-skeletal pain, I could not rest until an Xray positively ruled out injury or disease.

A "wait and see" approach or treatment with pain / anti-inflammatory meds is absolutely appropriate where a dog has a regular skeletal structure but NOT with a daschund.

If it turns out it is just a sprain ~ that's a blessing but you can't count on blessings and with daschunds there's just too much at risk without a quick diagnosis and targetted treatment.