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October 11th, 2007, 09:53 PM
We got Bonnie a few years back.....She is also a BIG yorkie. She was a show dog and a breeder,not really socialized. We had her neutered first thing. From the moment she saw Boo,it was love at first sight. He can be kind of indifferent to her but she's always cleaning his face and trying to play. They are best friends. If I let Boo out,he turns and waits for Bonnie and vice versa. I was rolling baseballs for them tonight and Boo kept trying to take Bonnie's. They are SO cute together.:laughing::angel::grouphug:

October 11th, 2007, 10:15 PM
So are there pictures of them with their baseballs? :D It's good to have buddies...Boo may seem aloof at times, but he'd miss her if she wasn't there to clean his face. :cloud9:

October 12th, 2007, 07:28 AM
My camera died and I can't afford another one. :( They sure are cute together. My husband just took them over to be groomed. Boo hates it and hates to ride in the car. He just shakes and shivers. They are so cute together. They can be a lot of work but the doggy kisses make it worth it. Boo ADORES me. He just sits and stares at me like,"I love you!". Bonnie *sneers* if you talk to her. It's like she smiles,showing her cute front teeth or showing them sideways. all dogs have their own personalities.