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Need advice.......

October 11th, 2007, 11:55 AM
Hello everyone.....long time no talk very busy these days as is everyone

I'll get right to the point and hope I can keep it short:rolleyes:

I fostered a cat that was preggies, Cali is her name....she had her kittens in june all 6 have now left my home, we were going to get some good pics of Cali and find her a home:rolleyes: well ......long story short she is our latest family member

The rescue lady that helped me with the fostering is amazing she told me of a feral male they had caught and said they needed a barn that he could be in and fed for a couple of weeks then set free (short version). ya ya I know hubby would kill me but I brought him home he is paronoid of everyone.
I couldn't stand the fact that this poor guy was to stay in a cage in my barn so I brought him in. He has his own room food litter box (he uses diligently no spraying at all very clean guy) I leave the radio on he has a lovely view of the fields and a cozy living room like atmosphere. I even sleep in the room on the couch at least 3 times a week even had cali in the room one night with no problems ( she comes in every time I feed Sammy this used to be her room with the kittens).

My questions are:

1. Did I do the wrong thing?
2. I feel good that Sammy is safe and well fed I know this all takes time but is it even possible he might actually be comfortable one day, I have had him 3 weeks now and under the couch is where he has stayed.
I have brought up blankets from the other cats for him to sniff and be around.
are there other things I can do?

Any advice would be awesome In a perfect world I would love for Sammy to adjust and be a part of the outdoor gang Which is basicly the other stray that frequents our house....too many males might be a problem who knows
never a dull moment around here latley hubby just rolls his eyes:cat:

October 11th, 2007, 09:03 PM
too many males might be a problem who knows

Not if they are neutered. I think with time , he will get use to things and be part of your family. Do you want to keep him ? Why does the rescue lady wants to set him free ?

October 13th, 2007, 04:45 PM
Please don't tell me that you let your cats outside? I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I too can't bear to see cats outdoors. Sometimes it takes months. If he is used to being outdoors, It will probably take time for him to adjust. And remember NO outdoor cat is a happy cat.

Why did the lady want him in the barn for a couple of weeks, then set him and I'll sue quotes for "free". Letting an animal roam outside because they think that is a good idea and that they are "free" in the persons mind is absured.

Not only can outside cat become sick, injure them themselves, brave the different weather elements..can quite possibly die and quite honestly suffer for days. Outdoor cats also injure wildlife, kill wildlife, etc.

I would think of a better solution then setting him and again I use the Quote "free". And at the same time educate this woman.