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What do I do?

October 8th, 2007, 12:17 PM
Bonnie may be the first dog that has me totally frustrated. She is so sweet. She was a show dog,generally caged or kenneled and not house trained. She is about 7 now. We have had her two years. She REFUSES to be house trained. I just cleaned up another runny pile in the bedroom and it's disgusting and so unclean. I make sure I wash my hands well but we have been having a lot of upset stomach problems,among another I don't want to mention,and I believe it may be because I clean up after her so much.
We have tried everything. We have noticed she sometimes goes on old throw rugs but even that is not acceptable.
We could never give her away. She loves Boo so much and is still learning how to be a dog instead of a show dog and baby machine. Yes,we had her neutered.

October 8th, 2007, 01:17 PM
Bells are going off here--do you have municipal water or do you have your own well? Could your tummy problems may be from the same source as your dog's--from the well?

Also, have you had Bonnie checked out at the vet for parasites or gastrointestinal disease? Is her stool always runny? What does she eat? Could it be a food allergy?

Even an old dog should be trainable--and we've found that kennel dogs can be housebroken, though sometimes it takes a while for them to get 'reliable'.

Is she alone during the day? Kenneled or free in the house? When does she tend to make messes indoors? Does she have a daily exercise and outdoor schedule?

With patience and consistency, you should be able to housebreak Bonnie, so don't give up. First check out your well if you have one, and have her stool checked out at the vet if you haven't already.

If she's healthy and the water quality is good, you might want to look at her food. The food forums here have some very good information that may help you make a choice.

And as for behavioral training, I think if you post a few more details about her typical day and when the accidents occur you'll get some really good advice from the experts on the board for getting Bonnie reliably housebroken! :thumbs up

October 8th, 2007, 02:09 PM
Bonnie is almost always home with me. We do not have a well. She is fed Pedigree dog food. I usually walk them everyday but have been sick and it has been raining so they haven't walked in awhile. But,it's generally a daily routine. They have access frequently to a big back yard.
I will talk to my vet but it's so expensive anymore. Maybe he will let me run a stool sample by. I will check the food forums. Thanks.:D
We love Bonnie. She had a tough life too and I won't take the chance of her being abused again. She just loves Boo and would be devastated away from him. Boo was sick awhile back and stayed at the vets two days. ($$$$$). She just whined,mourned and wouldn't eat. She's here to stay.:shrug: