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It's Live - Personal pet blogs for members with 50+ posts

October 5th, 2007, 09:11 AM
Dear members,

The Personal pet blogs are now live for members with 50+ posts and you should see the word Blogs in the blue navbar at the top of the page if this applies to you.

There is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) on how to use the blog here:

Additional questions on how to use this system should be asked in this particular forum by clicking "new thread" as always.

The intended use for these personal pet blogs is basically a diary or journal of your lives with your pets and you will be able to post pictures. All the regular rules of the forum will still apply.

A couple of quick notes though, when you click on the word Blogs (again you need 50+ posts to see the word) from the top blue navbar the main blog window opens up and you can see a few test blog posts posted by the Admins/Mods. THE DEFAULT SETTING FOR ALL BLOGS IS PRIVATE. This means that until you change your own blog setting, other members cannot see your blog. (You should know up front that admins/Mods can always see your blog) The setting which contains the option to make your blog visible is called Blog Control panel, and by clicking it (from the main blog page) a new window opens up. The last choices on that page, when check marked, allows other members to see your blog and other members to leave comments.

To create your first post just click Post to My Blog from the main blog page (from the link in the navbar that says blogs)

So play around and please start new threads with questions in this forum.