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My Our dog is treating my son's room like an outhouse.(Sorry, kinda long)

October 4th, 2007, 09:30 PM
Here's a little background:
We have a small mixed breed dog names Elvis, we adopted from a shelter when he was about 7 weeks old last December. They thought he was shih tzu/min.poodle/min.schnauzer mix, the vet said she thought some jack russell. He's the kind of dog that everyone sees a different breed in him but everyone loves him. He's just about full grown and around 12.5lbs. He is utd on shots and neutered, and he is crate trained.

We've never had any real issues with him, besides regular puppy things. He goes to the bathroom outside, either on a walk, if we sit outside with him on a long leash, or he whines to us then goes to the door to go out.

The one huge problem we have is when he was much younger and still learning he had some accidents in our kids rooms. Then he began to go in there instead of telling us when he had to go , but would still poop/pee on walks.
(We try to stick to a schedule but with 3 kids and a busy house it's hard to get out on time, which is why we taught him to let us know.)
We got it taken care of by not letting him in the rooms ,taking him out more,etc.
It worked for my girls' room, especially after we removed the carpet,with the occasional exception, but he seems to think that my son's room is his personal toilet. He doesn't go anywhere else, and if he can't get in that room he'll hold it all day or go outside. But the minute he can get in there, boom!
He'll sleep on our bed no problem all night, or be in his crate, but in the morning he'll get up and go in there and go. Needless to say, my son's room stinks, the hardwood is ruined, and it makes the hall smell too.We've had to remove the carpet, I've scrubbed the hard wood floor, used whatever I can to deter him. We try and keep the door closed but with the kids in and out he gets in there.
Everybody loves Elvis, but this one thing causes so much stress for us. He poops in there then the I get mad at my son for the door being open, the kids fight over whose turn it was to take him out, I lecture about germs, etc, etc. It's terrible.
We know it's not Elvis fault, he's doing what he knows, but I believe he knows we don't want him in there because (it may sound silly) he sneaks in there. And if he did it and then he sees us by the door, or sees us go in or come out, he puts his head down and his ears back and gives us the sad eyes. If we catch him mid-act, we don't have to say anything he puts his head down, tail between his legs and books it out of there.
I understand the door always shut is best, but we're moving soon with a new baby coming and I don't want this behaviour to continue in a new place.
I would love to know how to stop it here and make sure it doesn't carry over. We would never get rid of him, he's family. But like family he's driving me nuts with this.

Dog Dancer
October 5th, 2007, 11:02 AM
It may or may not help, but many suggest feeding your dog where he is going potty in the wrong spot. Dogs don't want to soil where they eat or sleep. You could also try having him sleep there. But put his bowls right where he goes. I would also not let him have access freely in the area until he learns that's where he eats not where he poops. Good luck.

October 5th, 2007, 09:02 PM
Without being 100% vigilant or teaching the kids they have to keep that door closed the only solution would be to keep the dog isolated in one room (kitchen) with a baby-gate. Managing 3 kids with one on the way and trying to re-potty train a dog I don't see any other solution. There aren't scheduled routines for his walkies so perhaps he's trying to tell you he needs more attention.