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Personal pet blogs for members with 50+ posts

October 4th, 2007, 04:57 PM
Dear members,

(EDITED)Tomorrow Morning OCT 5. - we will be implementing a new addition to the bulletin board. Personal pet blogs. For those that may not know, a blog is basically an online journal or diary about a specific topic.

We are just trying this out as a trial and expect there will be some learning with how to use the integrated blog system properly. Therefore, for now,ONLY Members with 50+ posts will have access to their own personal pet blog at this point in time. Those that have access will see the word Blogs in the blue navbar right next to User CP.

There is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) on how to use the blog here:

But additional questions on how to use this system should be asked in this particular forum by clicking "new thread" as always.

The intended use for these personal pet blogs is basically a diary or journal of your lives with your pets and you will be able to post pictures. All the regular rules of the forum will still apply.

Please post all questions relating to these new personal pet blogs in THIS forum only.

Have fun and enjoy!