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hi...its been a long road, and am so glad to see this site

October 4th, 2007, 11:10 AM
hi, my name is anodita, and my 14 yr old labrador's name is gorgeous, which she is without a doubt. our long story started last december, when we went to our home in the mountains in india. all these years we tried to get gorgeous to mate and brought home handsome labradors..she'd snarl and send them packing. the day we reached, dear georgina came on heat..we didn't really worry...she obviously had something against the city slicker type doggies, because she met this big burly mountain dog, and went all skittish on us. :cloud9:they also obviously managed to boogie-woogie at some point, because long after we'd come back to the city, i noticed a distinct bump on her middle and her udders swinging merrily under her. the bump thing wasn't easy to notice because our george has always been "well endowed" (we don't call her fat). so off we went to the vet, did an ultrasound, and yup, at the ripe old age of 13 years , our george had become a mommy. :wall:went running vet to vet - we were warned of all manner of dire consequences, due to her age mostly and also because she'd never had a litter before. a friend was giving her flower remedies, i was giving her reiki, the kids were dispatched to gram's house...along came the big day, and she actually managed to dispatch one little puppy. after that extremely strenuous adventure, dear george decided she'd done her bit for the day, and proceeded to snore for the next 8 hours, while yours truly suffered in the throes of labour pains. the vet came home, put her on an oxytocin drip, nope, no go till the next afternoon...she had to go in for a c-sec. there were 3 still born pups. it was rough but gorgeous recovered from all that pretty well.

we thought we were swinging again but a month after we ran some tests and found she had diabetes.she didn't before the whole pregnancy thing, because we'd run all her tests, and perhaps it was the trauma of the surgery - they say trauma can upset the pancreas - that was a whole crazy story, because the indian govt. doesn't recognize canine or feline diabetes as a disease - yes well - so there was no insulin to be found that she reacted to. then we finally found humulin n - the vets don't seem to know much about canine diabetes so it was all alot of research on the net - then she stopped reacting to humulin as well and we were looking at sugar counts of 598, and a liver count of 1018 !! - her legs gave way and we thought this is it - then i went crying to my family doctor and asked him what he would do for a human who was insulin resistant, and he mentioned metformin. there isn't enough research on use of metformin on dogs, the vets hadn't even heard about it, but i had to take a gamble, given her liver condition, and put her on metformin extended release. its working.

well the sugar thing settled down, kept doing periodic tests, her SGPT came down to normal with medication, she was back to rolling in the grass, barking at the crows, attacking her food with gusto, and i said phew ! then madam decided to go thru a pseudo pregnancy...:wall: strange considering she'd had a hysterectomy when they did her c-sec. but the brain releases some hormones which can bring this on nevertheless. so we went through the whole lactation, digging nests, not eating ( not good when you need to take insulin) thing, and then we said phew again. :)

now the poor girl has tick fever - i saw ONE tick a fortnight ago..and i guess he was the bad guy..she's been put on doxycyclin for 2 weeks. the liver meds, the insulin, the metformin continue.

her kidneys are beginning to show some stress..creatanin was 2.2 10 days ago, then the vet gave her saline drip for 8 days, now its 1.76 - is that bad ?
what should i do ? low protein diet ? she's already on a low-carb/low-fat diet with the diabetes - now low protien ...what am i to feed her ?

any suggestions, people ? ...for 14 year old doggie with diabetes, ding-dong liver, kidneys beginning to sound tired..for meds, diet...will be glad for any tips

it has been a long road for both george and me..long and very intense. she has immense will. she is truly beautiful, and we have this incredible bond. sometimes i am exhausted with the whole 'management' story..but when i came across this site, and read all these stories, it somehow makes me feel suitably reinstated. george and i will hang in there, and continue to fight.

cheers, anodita

October 4th, 2007, 11:32 AM
Wow, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. To think all of Gorgeous' suffering could have been avoided with a simple spay. But, in your case, that would be 20/20 hindsight :shrug: and doesn't help her now.

I wish I could offer you advice on her medical conditions, hopefully someone else will come along with some soon. At least you're looking into keeping her well. Hoping :fingerscr she feels better soon.

October 4th, 2007, 11:46 AM
guess we messed up by not getting her spayed - she's always been a wee bit unfriendly towards other dogs, never mated - we used to crack jokes about how maybe she swung the other way - spaying her never even crossed our minds in all her 13 years. :sad:in the early years we kept hoping she'd have pups, then somewhere along the way she grew old and then this happened, and now i'm feeling like it was all my fault.

Ford Girl
October 4th, 2007, 01:20 PM
was insulin resistant, and he mentioned metformin. there isn't enough research on use of metformin on dogs, the vets hadn't even heard about it, but i had to take a gamble, given her liver condition, and put her on metformin extended release. its working.

Hi, I am sorry you are going thru all of this, it's a little too late for the "I should haves" looking to the future you need to do what's best for the dog, is she suffering? Is she happy? Those kind of things. What do you feel in your heart?

I quoted the above cuz I am on metformin as well, I have never heard of it being used on dogs...are there any side effects from it? Just courios.