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Did a wasp cause my puppy's seizures

October 2nd, 2007, 03:10 AM
A few weeks ago I was sitting in the garden watching the dogs play and mooch about when Poppy, who was then 13 weeks old, suddenly let out a painfull yelp, I ran straight over to see what was the matter and saw a wasp in the grass, I picked Poppy up and I could see the sting still stuck in her face so I pulled it out, she whimpered for a little while but then carried on as normal. When I awoke the next morning Poppy got up and started to run towards me but then she stopped and started bubbling saliva from her mouth, I picked her up and she started fitting it lasted about 30 seconds then she arched her head back and went stiff. I started begging her not to die, I didn't know what was happening and then she relaxed and looked at me as if she didn't know who I was, I cuddled her for a while then suddenly she came round and jumped down acting as if nothing had happened. I phoned the vet and took her straight round (this was Wednesday morning). The vet examined her and could find nothing wrong and decided not to do anything as it was probably a one off, maybe a bad reaction to the wasp sting. Everything was ok that day and the next but on the Friday morning exactly the same thing happened just after we both woke up, I drove to the vets but by the time we got there she was normal again so the vet took some blood and sent me home to wait for the results. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon she had another seizure but this time she didn't come round and was looking very poorly by the time I got back to the vets, by now they had discounted the wasp and gave me some diazepam to give to her. I was worried sick by now as Poppy wouldn't eat or drink, I went round to the chemist, bought a syringe and forced some water down her, she came round immediately and started lapping the water that had spilled in my hand. The vet phone later that evening and said that the blod tests were all normal.
Poppy has never had another seizure (touch wood) and now she is 17 weeks old. I can't understand what it was all about and at the back of my I am still worrying and hoping it was the wasp that caused this, what do you think?