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cut paw pads

September 30th, 2007, 11:42 PM
We recently adopted our dog Mimi and last night she was licking her paws like usual except this time there was a little blood so i investigated and found that her carpal pad ( the higher pad ) on her right front leg seems to be cut, not deeply though. Has anyone experienced this before. I called my vet and they said to clean it and keep it dry. Also to put a sock on it. I have tried this as well as bandages but they fall off. They told me to come in if it gets puffy or oozes or pusses but so far none of this has occured. i read on the internet that this can happen from playing "fetch" and such in the field. Is this true? And how long will it take to heal this wound? Can anyone help me?:shrug::dog:

October 1st, 2007, 12:13 AM
Hi bigred78 welcome to the forum

Cut paw pads do happen & can be caused by numerous things: scraping them going down the stairs, slipping on rocks, plant thorns etc

Clean it throughly with warm water, make sure to try to get any dirt/small gravel bits out, you can use a little bit of polysporin but only if you can make the sock work so she doesn't lick it off. The sock will also encourage healing because the wound is not bothered by constant licking.

I had to use a sock on my :rip::dog: Cally when he hurt his feet cuz he was an obsessive foot wound licker, you can use a piece of string or shoelace to tie the sock on but you must leave enough room for blood circulate, this is NOT a turniqute it should NOT be tight, there should be enough room left to stick at least one finger in between the lace & the leg - the sock will flop (very funny to see :D) & slide partially off but not enough to come over the paw pad the other thing I found useful were the velcro strips from his winter doggie boots or you could use old bra straps just cut them off & use the slide bar to tighten a little bit, still leave enough circulation room

good luck keep us posted & we do have a photo section for you to post pics :D (we're rather addicted to pics here:D)