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Please help my neighbours dog!

September 28th, 2007, 03:22 PM
My neighbours dog Cracker sustained an injury that made her unable to bear any weight on either of her 2 front legs. There were no obvious injuries so she was taken to the emerg clinic where they took x rays and did blood work both of which gave no indication of what could be wrong with Cracker. She was sent home with pain meds and we were advised to take her to her own vet if she was not feeling better in a couple days. With no improvement after a couple of days she was taken to her regular vet who thought it was probably ligament damage. Cracker was measured for custom splint boots and sent home in temporary splints until her boots came in. When these splints came off it was discovered that Crackers upper pads on both legs were almost completely ripped off. The vet cut them off wrapped her up and put her custom boots overtop of the bandages. Now Cracker is wearing away another pad and the cuts where her other pads were cut off are tearing further. The vet has advised that unless we can come up with a creative way of wrapping her pad area as well as insuring that her ligaments are protected she will require a 2-$3000.00 surgery to fuse her joints. My neighbour being in the middle of a divorce, caring for her 3 children who are very attached to Cracker is at a loss....with $2000.00 already invested in Cracker another surgery is not an option....does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can have her splint boots on and have her paws wrapped without either of the two things interferring with each other??

September 28th, 2007, 04:56 PM

I just googled what a splint boot looks like so I could see if I had any ideas. This site shows several different types. The third picture down looks like a splint with a pad on the end. Would something like that help? Here's another link

Maybe they could put a human sock, like a sport sock on to hold the pad, then put the splint around the sock??

Best wishes and thanks for helping your neighbor and her dog.


September 28th, 2007, 05:35 PM
Thank you for the links you provided...the Carpus Orthotic boot looks like it would be perfect but unfortunately the boots Cracker got are non refundable and there is not another $800.00 in the budget for Catherine to much as we all love Cracker...she is the most wonderfully natured Dog I've ever save her we need very cost effective ideas...I like the sock idea, I've also wondered if just simply adding more padding in between her pads and the boots would help any but the problem is the boots she has do not have the built in foot that the Carpus Orthotic boots have and I wonder if that would make all the difference since every time Cracker tries to move her feet move and it puts pressure on the pads against the boot which causes them to tear more...I wonder if we could rig something up to add to her existing boots that would support and stabilize her feet the way the Carpus boots would appear to do...thanks again for the link and your suggestions I am extremely greatful to you and anyone else who may have any further ideas, suggestions, educated, creative, crazy, absurd, we'll take anything at this point as we are at a loss and so is her vet....I have talked her into going to my vet on Tues for a 2nd opinion...hopefully he may have a suggestion that suits her budget, but we are definitely open to hearing from anyone that has an idea they think may help Cracker...thx so much again for your help I'll keep you posted :)

September 28th, 2007, 07:16 PM
What about placing metal fingersplints between the brace and the leg ? Cut the padding away where the splint will fit under the brace and add extra padding for loft if needed over the upper pad, taping the fingersplint or splints in place to the brace and wrap the remainder of the leg with a tensor bandage to secure the lower half of the fingersplint to the leg. You can buy them at any drug store and they are very inexpensive.

Or am I not getting it ? If I'm not getting it a picture of the dog,the brace and the torn pad would be helpful. :thumbs up

September 28th, 2007, 07:30 PM
I don't have any advice on the splint itself, but just thought I'd link you to a website that helps out people who are having trouble affording vet care: That might be an option if nothing else works. All the best to your friend and her doggie, and to you for looking out for them!

September 28th, 2007, 10:57 PM
No it's not that you're not getting it, it's just that I have not explained it well enough...the holes where her pads are were are very deep and they have to have an ointment on them then a maxi-pad wrapped around that and then gauze cotten and vet wrap or a tensor around all that and then her splint boots go over top of all the bandaging and the boots are nothing like any of the ones on the above link...they're like a nyoprene material with 2 thin splints sewn into the material and then they velcro around the leg from her ankle (right where the big holes from her pads are) to just below her elbow problem is every time she moves or shifts she's putting pressure on the joints where the cuts are and they open up more no matter how much padding we seem to put inbetween. We are going to take pic's tomorrow and I will try to post's so hard to explain they will be gross though so I apoligize to those with a weak stomach in advance...but obviously being able to see the injury would make it easier to give ideas...

Thank you so much for the imom neighbour was very greatful to hear that there are people willing to help out....we have called every vet in our area to see if anyone would give her any kind of break on this surgery and got nowhere, hopefully she'll get some support from this company thx so much guys for your help in our "cause for Cracker" as we've started calling it...:cry: