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Caleb Update

September 27th, 2007, 09:30 PM
Well I think Caleb has put on a good 6-7 lbs in the two and a half weeks we have had him. He's turning into a little meatball!!!
Bella on the other hand, we think she is losing weight. Such thing as a social eater??? Seems she will not eat when we are gone and Caleb is shut in the laundry room. We come home from work and her food bowl is just about full.
Once we let her out and they both come back in, they both chow down their food. She likes cheese so we give her cheese as a treat hoping that will help her put some weight on.

Must get some pictures on here ASAP.
I swear they both know when I am trying to get a picture of them. They turn away when the camera is pointed at them. When they think it's down, they look back at me.