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Spots on my baby doggy's bottom-Any ideas?

September 27th, 2007, 06:21 AM
I had been feeding my puppy on a certain type of puppy food that seemed to agree with her sensitive tummy and one day I went to the supermarket to buy some more and the shelf was empty so I went to customer services and asked them if they had any. A supervisor was called and he told me that there had been a product recall on this particular puppy food and that they had received instructions to throw it all away. I was alarmed as I had previously bought from that batch only the day before they had got the recall. I contacted the manufacturer to find out why, and they informed me there had been a quality issue with one of the flavours and they had decided to recall the multi packs. That same day Poppy had passed mucus type diarrhea and when I bathed her bottom I noticed large red spots around her anus and under her tail. I took her to the vets and he said they did look like allergy spots and said it was probably the food that had done it although it could not be anything dangerous or else they would have been informed about by law. He didn't give me anything for the spots and said they would go away on their own. I'ts been nearly two weeks now and the same spots are still there although they spots are now white and crusty. Is there anybody who could shed some light on these mysterious spots and is there anything I could put on them to make them go away?

December 16th, 2007, 10:09 PM
It sounds like the food may be the source of the problem - please try to find a good quality holistic food and even add some home cooked food if you have the time (a good book with recipes and advice is Dr. Pitcairn's guide).

My dog has developed these same sores (according to your description) and the vets kept telling me it was probably due to seasonal allergies. However, these continued way past the end of the allergy season when here in Canada everything is frozen and covered in snow. Frustrated, I ended up bringing her to a homeopathic vet who knew immediately that it was a sebaceous problem that was linked to her heartworm prevention medication - Sentinel. It is a pesticide, after all, and has ingredients to kill fleas, various worms, etc. I strongly suggest that you stop administering these if you are using them, and bring your dog to see a reputable holistic vet. It has already helped my little dog, and we are all sleeping better at night. :sleepy: