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New Adopted Mom!

September 26th, 2007, 04:53 PM
Hello everyone.

I am new here, so please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong topic.

First, a background story.... My sister and I saw four kittens following a MALE beagle named Billy that lived across the street from one of the local churches. We asked around and found out that the kittens mother belonged to the same woman Billy does, and that their mother and one of their siblings had dissapeared one or two weeks before. Billy had been taking care of the kittens (keeping them warm, leading them to food) since. The owner claimed to have been putting out food for the kittens. Not to be rude, but if she was, they weren't getting it. All but one were extremely emaciated. I called around and my cousins adopted the two males (black and white tuxedo and orange classic tabby) and their grandfather adopted one of the females (tortoise shell). That left the orange and white piebald female that I had fallen in love with when I first saw.

I live with my grandfather and he doesn't particularly like house pets, AND he said if I got a cat, it had to be a tom. Well when I went to pick up the kitten and saw that she is most definately female, I tried to talk myself into leaving her for my aunt. I stuck my hand in the pet carrier and she immediately rubbed against it. That was it, I fell hook line and sinker. I brought her home and talked my grandfather into letting me keep her, under the condition that she be inside/outside and I pay to have her spayed as soon as possible. I have had her for about six weeks, and I estimate that she was four or five weeks old when I got her. She is nine to eleven weeks old according to my vet, so I guess that is about right.

I had cats when I was younger, but that was nine years ago. I have never been the sole caretaker of a kitten before, and am quite annoyed at myself for not knowing everything about cats. Cat care should be obvious. Everybody knows how to take care of cats. I thought so anyway, until I brought this amber-eyed little heart-melter into my life.

Amber is particularly fine-boned, rather like a siamese. I don't know if this delicateness is due to her natural genetics, the fact that she is a recovering stray, or error on my part. She is semi-long haired, her coat is good, and she has gained weight considerably since I adopted her. However, the bones around the base of her tail still protrude slightly and are very easily felt. Is this normal or is she not yet at optimal weight?

Amber goes outside as she pleases, though we do have dogs in the area. We have rigged the back porch so that she can get in, but nothing bigger than her has a chance, and the arrangement works quite nicely. She sits in front of the gate and taunts the neighborhood dogs when she knows she is out of their reach. I also spend considerable time playing with her, which brings us to my next question. Despite all of this, Amber goes... stir crazy. I understand kittens are playful, but she races around the house like a tornado, sliding into things. She also ambushes our ankles, and randomly decides to climb the back of the furniture to bat at invisible things before jumping down and diving under the table to do it all over again. Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to find more ways for her to vent her energy?

When I first got Amber, I fed her Pinnacle canned. Now, per my grandfather's orders, she is eating 9 Lives canned food, the tuna and mackeral flavors (gag me :yuck: ) and by Nature dry. Luckily, in about a week she will be switched to full raw, full time. She already quite enjoys raw chicken. I have done quite a bit of research, so I know that most commercial foods aren't good, and that she shouldn't be eating dry. I also know that she shouldn't be eating fish. I am ecstatic that I am allowed to feed her raw. I am using 's InstinctsTC Kitten formula. Does anyone have any experience with this product? I know that it is cheaper to do it alone, but I am not confidant in my abilities just yet as cats have very particular nutritional needs, and there are NO holistic vets in the area. Can somebody experienced in feeding raw kind of guide me through this?

Amber also talks to herself. She meows constantly when she is playing. Does anyone have cats that do this? I don't remember any of my parents cats making noise unless they were injured/begging for food/purring/calling their kittens. Is she just talkative? She also makes this little half-pur-half-meow when she greets me or wants me to follow her. I copy the sound when I want her to come to me, and she does almost every time. Anything wrong with this?

Thanks for your time, and I look foward to meeting everyone.

:cat: :cat: Catnip_Crazy :cat: :cat:

September 26th, 2007, 05:14 PM
Congratulations on your new kitty.
So glad you joined this forum and a picture of your little girl would make all the members here very happy.
Sounds like you have saved this kittens life and are providing a wonderful home for her:thumbs up
Lukka and I both want to roll out the welcome mat to you and Amber:D

September 26th, 2007, 05:43 PM
Thank you very much :D

September 26th, 2007, 08:47 PM
Welcome to the board! I enjoyed your intro immensely, but being a (many) dog person, I know next to nothing about cats. :o However, there are lots of kitty people on board that I'm sure can help you out with your questions.

Especially if you post pics of your kitty! :D Blackmail, you say? he he Extortion? maybe But we really do love pictures! :thumbs up :D

September 26th, 2007, 08:58 PM
Welcome to the board.

I too am a pretty new kitty mom. I had two cats in high school that sadly didn't live past 6 months due to a dog living next door.

Your Amber sounds a little like my Oksana. She was the runt of her litter. She's about 6 months, and still quite a small kitty and my vet said she may not get much bigger. I sometimes feel her little bone at her tail too. She's at barely 6 pounds, but my vet says that's okay. So if your vet says your kitties weight is normal then it might mean she will just be a small kitty.

I think the "kitty crazies" is normal. Oksana and Vlad used to do that now and then. One minute they're calm, and then suddenly all I see is a black blur passing by me. They don't do it so much anymore but now and then they do. I suspect Oksana to have some Siamese in her and she's more vocal than Vlad, so I'm guessing if you believe your little one has Siamese in her its normal. They're supposed to be quite talkative those Siamese.

It sounds to me though you have a healthy fun loving kitty. I'd ask the vet when the best time to have her spayed though. Oksana was about 4 months old, but I think some shelters do it sooner.

Raising cats is, I believe, just an ongoing learning experience. I learn something new all the time about the Dynamic Duo. I also thank heaven I found this board because I've received a lot of good advice here and its helped me learn even more about my little ones.

Good luck with Amber and please post a photo when you have a chance.

September 27th, 2007, 06:31 AM
Thank you for rescuing this little girl. Wise grandpa to have this girl spayed as soon as your vet will do it. Sounds like you are doing everything right and are caring for this kitty well.

As for your cat zooming around the house, that is normal behaviour. Do you have a cat stand/tree in your house that she can climb (should be at least 5 feet tall)? How about some kitty toys that she can play with? Just simple crumpled balls of tin foil, or plastic golf balls can keep kitties happy.

Good luck.

September 27th, 2007, 08:05 AM
Amber sounds lovely and completely normal to me. The "crazies" at her age are a normal expression of her utmost exuberance and happiness at discovering life. At this stage you might want to channel her energies away from things you don't want her on, like counter tops and drapery, and things that are dangerous to her. If you are lucky, in my opinion, this entertaining phase will last a long time but usually they are much more calm in only a few months.

Amber may just be a talker. Some are. One of mine shows absolutely no hint at all of Siamese in his heritage but he yaks constantly, to us, to himself. And that little " chirrup" they make when seeing you is a classic cat greeting.

September 27th, 2007, 05:29 PM
hazelrunpack: Thanks very much. I will post pictures when I can, but as of now I don't have a working digital camera.

ancientgirl: Thank you, and I am sorry about your other kittens. I believe Amber will indeed stay small. My basis for thinking she has siamese in her is her very lightweight build, facial structure, and slanted eyes. She has is very dainty and has what looks like a typical siamese head. Very high cheek bones, slighly elongated face, though she is not as extreme-featured as the registered siamese my cousin has.

The vet I go to will spay as early as 8 weeks because he uses a laser. It is supposed to be quicker and less painful than the traditional method, and it heals faster. I am waiting until the end of October though, for my own peace of mind.

Love4himies: Amber doesn't have a cat tree (yet) but she does have two scratching posts, several mice, three cat balls (with the bells in them) and the classic ball of yarn. She likes the ball of yarn best for some reason :rolleyes: Thanks.

Longblades: I love her activity and find her quite intertaining, but I am worried she will hurt herself. Our floor is linoleum/vinyl throughout the house so she slides into things.

Thanks again everyone,

September 27th, 2007, 06:00 PM
Now I really can't wait to see some pictures. She sounds very much like my Little Miss. You know, you can maybe go and get a throw away digital camera at the pharmacy *hint hint*

September 27th, 2007, 06:03 PM
I will be sure and check tomorrow, as I go through town to get to school anyway.