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Leo's hairball rant

September 25th, 2007, 04:16 PM
Alright, as some of you may know, about two weeks ago we had my little Leo dude at the emergency vet's because he was throwing up blood. So that's passed, he's fine. Happy, playing, being a nuisance, back to normal.


For the last like FOUR days straight he's been having a hairball. Or at least trying to! Every blasted hour we hear, what mom calls, his Elephant noises. 98% of the time nothing comes up. The other 2% is this tiny little smidgen of hair and bile. Its like the teensiest itty bittiest hairball a cat COULD have! :wall:

So I've been giving him some Laxotate? Apolax? Laxa-whatsit? Anyways, its the hairball stuff that I got from the vet. And he STILL sounds like a bloody elephant every hour! Its driving me NUTS! So all last night while I was asleep I had a pseudo elephant in my ears, while hearing the Halo 3 sounds from my brother's room, ALL while having Pawz PAW at the bedroom window wanting OUT. Needless to say it wasn't a very restful sleep...and the dreams were downright weird! :confused:

And do you THINK that my DAD could help? NO! Of course not! I mean I'm only trying to put my soaking wet hair up, eating breakfast, grabbing lunch, AND having to deal with a hungry cat and a pseudo-elephant all at the same time! Mom wasn't up or she'd have done SOMETHING! :frustrated: Like, ok fine you don't want to stick the damn towels underneath Leo's head, FINE! But would you put my damn toast in the toaster!? Grab a spoon and knife so I can put the toppings on in 30 seconds flat? Grab a fistful of cat food and toss it in the dish?! NOOO. This is too much work for dad. "Megan, if you don't hurry you're going to be late!" :yell::wall::frustrated:


Is there anything at all you crazy cat folks can think of to do more than the Laxa...whatever? I feel so bad for the poor guy cuz he's TRYING to get this stupid thing out but it isn't working all that well.


September 25th, 2007, 08:31 PM
Is Laxastat the word you are looking for?

This won't help you now but, I seem to recall that my Dad gave his cats fish oil ~ hairballs just passed rather than having to be vomitted. You could also try giving your cat some bran, canned pumpkin (not pie filling) or psyllium all of which will help it the hair pass as well.

September 25th, 2007, 09:07 PM

And so the stress begins again....

Leo's calmed incredible amount....just tried enticing him with treats, he turned his nose up at it....:frustrated:

I just don't know WHAT TO DO! There really isn't anything he could have gotten into...relapse? :shrug: :sad:

I'm trying the wet food next....


September 26th, 2007, 05:10 AM

So it really does look like he's got some crazy hairball in there...he keeps throwing up bits of it. After he throws up a little he feels much better but he can't get the bulk of it out.

Gah! WHY!?!?!?!

You know sometimes I wish I could just give him some acid-like stuff to just dissolve the stupid thing thing. I mean scientists can cure diseases but can't find a compound that DESTROYS cat hair without harming the cat?! :yell:

Anyways, I think this is going to have to be a "give Leo some Laxatone" everyday type thing...


September 26th, 2007, 09:23 AM
Can you give him his own little pot of grass to chow down on? That might help in the "extraction" process, at least it does with my guy. Just watch out that you don't step in the slimy green results. :yuck:

September 26th, 2007, 09:59 AM
My vet gave me some Laxatone. Oksana had been doing that cough thing, but nothing would come out. For the first week I'd put some Laxatone on her paw every two days, to force her to lick it off, since she would not just lick it form my finger like Vlad.

I noticed no more coughing, and when I scoop the litter box I find some poop with what looks like hair. I'm thinking she's extracting it that way.

I've also been giving them a small amount of Organic 100% Virgin Coconut oil. AND, I buy them treats that say they are specifically for hairball control.

So far, I've never heard Vlad try to cough up a hairball and Oksana's couching has stopped, so I'm hoping what I'm doing is helping. Maybe some of these things might work for you. Well, not you, your kitty:cat:

September 26th, 2007, 10:01 AM
My Puss has had awful hairball trouble, but the vet suggested giving her a 1/4 of a tablet of Papaya enzyme (human stuff, from the drugstore, I bought Swiss)
every other day for ten days, then a couple times a week.

It has helped with Puss tremendously. It's supposed to help the digestive system breakdown and pass through the hair to the less noisy end, :)

September 26th, 2007, 11:15 AM
I just use that hairball remedy stuff from the pet store that looks like a toothpaste tube filled with molasses.... it works every time even on bad hairballs and the best part is they usually don't throw it up, they just have a really big poop the next day. Might be worth a shot if he's been workin on the same one for that long.

And I know the noise you speak of, it can wake me out of even the best sleep in seconds. I harken it to how mothers react to a baby's cry. The slightest 'ack' and I am searching for the culprit! :rolleyes: And a roll of paper towels!!!:laughing:

Oh and I ordered that 'shed-ender' brush you see on info-tv all the time, and I am surprised how well it actually works, maybe regular brushing with something like that would cut down a bit on the furballs... thats what I'm hoping here anyhow.

And its not just your dad.... lol.... thats all men! I mean really we are superwomen and we are supposed to do everything at once aren't we??:rolleyes::laughing:

September 26th, 2007, 03:25 PM
Hey guys,

He's perked up a lot. Of course, while I haven't found any "presents" (and I may never :yuck:) it did get a lot cooler today. It was sitting at like 25 above this morning with this crazy high humidity so I'm wondering if between the hairball issue and the heat/humidity Leo was just like "ugh. moving. evil. ugh."

We're still trying to get that silly hairball out though....

Laxatone! That's what I got from the vet. I've been all but shoving it down his poor throat with a tube to get this to stop. He was being stubborn and didn't want any this morning so I stuck it on his paw, much to his disgust. He then proceeded to have some.

Anyways, come next paycheck I"ll take a look see for some grass for little Leo baby. I'll price some of the other stuff too. A girl my mom works with said she gives her cat (long hair) a bit of the laxatone every morning before work; in fact if she "forgets" she hears about it ;).

I'm wondering if he's going to continue like this if maybe I should try that super duper brush thing. I know they sell something like it at the pet store just never thought I'd need it for a short haired cat! lol I'm telling you, this cat, this cat is definitely from the barn. I'm soooo blaming this on his heritage.

Poor little guy though....wish I could actually DO something when he has his "fits"


P.S. Something I have noticed...if Leo is "sick" or feeling a bit down, like last night, Pawz tries to pick up the "slack" as far as being a PITA/playful/daredevil. Does anyone else's cats do this? Make up for the "deficiency" of whatever in the one cat by doing it for them?