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New puppy troubles (hopefully at an end)

September 25th, 2007, 01:29 PM
Hi there, I brought my new puppy home on Tuesday the 28th August, she was 12 wks old that day, the breeders told me she would need feeding as soon as I got her home as they had not fed her that day yet due to her having car sickness. I asked what they had been feeding her so I could give her the same but their answer was very vague and they told me just to give her whatever puppy food I wanted and so I bought the most well known brand and gave this to her. Poppy (I named her that night) immediately had diarroeah but I put this down to the trauma of being in a new environment and probably a change in diet but by Friday I was really starting to worry so I took her to the vets who gave me some paste with kaolin in it, I asked if I should change her puppy food but she told me the food I was giving Poppy was fine and not to change it. Over the following week she had 3 siezures, 3 visits to the vets and the diarroeah had not cleared up. I decided to change both food and vets, the new vet said he had suspicions that Poppy had probably been having problems before I bought her and that if tests found anything seriously wrong with her I should return her to the breeder, but of course I was in love with her from day one and could not part with her no matter what now. Luckily the treatment from the vet combined with a different brand of puppy food seems to have worked so far and thankfully she has had no more siezures, also the blood test she had showed nothing abnormal. The breeders I bought Poppy from had not had her vaccinated and while she had severe diarroeah my vet wouldn't vaccinate her and told me that she needed to be clear of it for two weeks so I made an appointment a fortnight ahead hoping she would be ok. The first week was great but then although the diarrhoea did not return I noticed her passing mucous, sometimes at the end of her poo and sometimes on its own after her poo. I was unhappy about this and yesterday (the vaccination appointment was for this morning) I looked on the internet for some answers and came upon this site and thought it would be helpful. I took a sample with me to the vets and he thought it was intestinal sloughing which hopefully she will grow out of, she does seem to be very sensitive to any slight changes in the things she eats, but he seemed happy to go ahead with the vaccination. Sorry to be so long winded but any comments or advice?

September 25th, 2007, 01:49 PM
Hi Linda
Congratulations on the new puppy. I love the name you have picked out for her.
I hope her troubles are coming to an end and maybe the new vet will have more luck treating Poppy.
I would love to see some pictures of the little addition when you get a chance to post them.
Good luck with being a new mom and welcome to the board:D

September 25th, 2007, 02:27 PM
Hello Lukka'sma How do I get photos on here? I have only ever put photos of dvd's on Ebay where there is a box that pops up and you can search for and download the photo, is it something like that? In fact am I even doing the right thing when I click on 'Post Reply' as I am answering you?