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Skin problems???

September 24th, 2007, 05:04 PM
My 2 yr old DSH has developed a bunch of scabs on the back of his neck up to just below inbetween his hears. They aren't big like sores, just like the size of a pen tip and there are a bunch of them. My other cat doesn't have any of these weird things. Fatfat was scratching like heck the other day and I took off his collar and noticed all these little scabs :confused:. They are only on the back of his neck no where else and LittlMan doesn't have any. So I was ruling out fleas, plus they never go outside, but I am at a loss. Did he cause this himself by scratching? (they are not declawed, we clip there nails tho) I am just at a loss. He doesn't seem to be developing anymore and I have left his collar off. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

September 25th, 2007, 12:08 AM
I assume this is the first time this has happened to either one of them right?

First question - did you just recently turn on the furnace/heater/baseboards etc? - could be a temperature/humidity change

Second question - what are you feeding them? - could be food related especially if recently changed

Third question - is it a new collar? could be just itchy new collar itchies or the collar is abit loose/too tight & rubbing - you should be able to fit two stacked fingers between the neck & collar

Fourth question - did you actually check for fleas? If it is fleas Fatfat might be allergic & Littleman may not be so it would affect them differently - also you or someone else could have brought fleas in :eek:

Fifth question - any new cleaning product/new carpet/couch/drapes etc? renovations? - could be environmental issues

Sixth question - are your windows open alot, trees/shrubs/flowers in the area outside the window - could be pollen allergies

Yes he could've just scratched too much, my :rip::cat: Mischief was a compulsive scratcher - she would walk into a room, unsure what to do next, sit & absently (not a directed "this spot itches") scratch until she figured out what she wanted to do :rolleyes:

If they are small & dry-scabby but not bloody-scabby I wouldn't be overly concerned, my Duffy :cat: has similar ones always this time of year she used to get every year when I lived in a house & she was outdoors - I think from grass pollen or something :shrug: or possibly the furnace being turned on for the first time since spring. Her old vet also has a few other client cats with the same symptoms.

Last year we moved into an apartment -> no more itchies, this year she has spent quite a bit of time outside in my parents yard on visits -> she has the itchies :rolleyes: Since we moved she also has a new vet whom when she saw them wasn't concerned either.

Duffy doesn't wear her collar unless we leave the apt (only to avoid ring around the collar fur loss from constant wear & rubbing) but when she gets the itchies they are pretty much all over & heal & go away within a couple of weeks

I would say leave the collar off until healed, if they start to bother Fatfat alot, he seems to be scratching there alot or they do not go away if a couple of weeks OR it still bugs you take him in to the vet - sometimes all they will do is give a cortisone shot though.

Hope this helps :)

September 25th, 2007, 09:59 AM
Thanks growler.

Since I removed the collar he seems to be itching less. He has had the same collar for almost a year and it has never bothered him. I did check for fleas and there are none. His collar is loose and I have not changed their food. I am guessing maybe a weather change. I will leave the collar off until they go away. They aren't bloody or anything, just kinda gross when I pet him. Thanks again!! :D

September 26th, 2007, 10:58 AM
I was told by my vet also that cats can develop a food allergy even to a food they are on long term and have not had a problem with. The symptoms you describe match a food allergy reaction too. :shrug: