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2 quick questions

May 22nd, 2004, 05:54 PM
At the risk of being a pest, I gotta ask! LOL I briefly scanned the other posts but did not see any heading that matched what I am looking for. If these questions have already been addressed in the past feel free to direct me to the appropriate posts. I have only been here for about a week so I have not read everything and you guys have given out GREAT advice to everyone (myself included).

Okay, first question: Is there a trick to keeping your dog from running out into the road during walks and/or playtime or after going to the bathroom? I keep my dog on a leash and every time I take him to go potty (going there and back) he runs out into the parking lot unless I keep his leash retracted close to me. I make him stop everytime and say "car" but after a year of me owning him he still does not slow down on his way to "handle his business" LOL He also does this when i am walking him or running around to play with him. I live in a big city (Columbus, OH) so virtually to take him on a walk there are cars near. We were on a sidewalk one day when he just veered into the street... thank god no cars were coming. But it scared me so bad I only take him to parks now but we still have the same problem leaving and entering the parking lot. Does anyone else have this problem and if not, how did you solve it?

Okay, next question: My dog is cage trained and house trained when I am home other than those few days of problems I had before (posted in a previous post). What is the trick to keeping him "house trained" when I am not at home? I work from home so I do spend a lot of time here to work with him, but on the weekends I like to go out and shop and hate leaving him in his cage for such a long period (4-6 hrs). Is this too long for a dog to be caged or am I over-exaggerating? I tried getting a babygate and confining him to only one room in the house but it never fails, he always goes before I get home. I have tried not giving him anything to eat or drink before leaving and walking him extra long to be sure he gets it all out of his system but whether I am gone for an hour or six... he will still go if I am not here to supervise. Whats the trick to getting a dog to not go when he is not within the owners sight?

He is a shepherd mixed with either beagle or corgi if this helps anyone in the advice area. He also just turned 1 this month. His pic is posted in the pic section of this forum if anyone is interested! :)

Ok I lied, pic will not post there so here's my baby!

May 22nd, 2004, 06:02 PM
#1) Are you using a retractable leash?
If so, don't! Get a 10/12 foot lead (nylon/leather)

#2) Don't crate him, you're right in doing the baby gate thing. Kitchen is good idea (easier to clean up the mess)

Make sure he goes 'before' you go out, take him for a walk and let him run, until the bowels have time to work. About an hour before you go out. Then 10 mins before you go out, take him out again. If he didn't go the first time, he will go the second time.

Just remember to keep things back off the counter that he can't get at in the kitchen! ;)

Give him some safe toys to play with and a treat as you leave.

When he does go to the w/r outside he may think your nuts but reward him.
Praise him, make it a big deal. Lots of pats and a treat!!

Lucky Rescue
May 22nd, 2004, 06:52 PM
No retractable leashes! Those are only good for wide open and safe spaces, like a park or field. Get a good leash with a "traffic handle" on it, and teach your dog to "heel" and "stay close". You can't possibly train your dog with a retractable leash, and if you need to reel him in quickly, you'll hurt your hands.

My dog is cage trained and house trained

If your dog is eliminating in the house, he is NOT housetrained. You'll have to start over with that. Your dog only seems to know not to go when he is in his crate. You need to attach him to you in the house and keep him in sight. The first sign that he needs to "go" rush him outside and praise like crazy when he does go.

Agree with Luba about the crate. I also suggest you take him to obedience school, so you can learn how to train him.

On the plus side, he and his little buddy are VERY cute!:)

May 22nd, 2004, 07:26 PM
They are both veryyyy cute!!!!

Brick did the same thing, and when I got him a 6 foot lead to walk around the neighbourhood, it was MUCH easier to get him closer to me when a car came by. I do use a retractable leash when we go to a park, but when we are around traffic, I reel him in close and lock it. I agree with Luba, get him a 6 -10 foot lead (length depends on what you are comfortable with; I prefer the 6 foot for walks in the neighbourhood) and teach him "heel". It didn't take me long to train Brick that he needed to be next to me; now he sometimes tries to get between my legs (although I often think that is his ploy to get his gentle leader off!!)

Good luck!!! Obedience school is a good idea too!!! He will love the socialization and it will help bond the two of you more!!

May 22nd, 2004, 08:24 PM
Oh what an adorable picture, they are so very sweet together.

May 23rd, 2004, 12:57 AM
thanx for the info guys. I used to have a reg leash , 6 foot i think but Potter hated it actually. one day i left it down where he could get it and he chewed the clip off. He seems to like the retractable leash often bringing it to me if he wants to walk or go out.

As far as going in the house, I think you guys are misunderstanding my question. If I am home he does not go in the house, he alerts me by either jumping on me and running to the door, going to the door and "talking" or bringing me his leash. Its when i am NOT at home that he goes in the house. I do take him outside before i leave and also keep food and water up so he cannot reach them, close the bathroom door so he does not get in the toilet, or confine him to one room. but no matter what, he goes in the house before i get home. On the flipside, if i crate him while i am out he does not go in there so i know it is not a matter of him just not being able to hold it long enough.

I just want to be one of those "parents" that can leave their dog out without worrying about him peeing on the floor just because I am not home and he knows he will not get in trouble. Is there some trick to disciplining him when i get home and find his "accident" that will have an effect so that he does not have it next time.

I usually crate him when i go out but like i said, on the weekends i like to shop and can be gone for 6+ hours at a time. I feel sorry for the little guy being locked up that long ya know. ;)

Lucky Rescue
May 23rd, 2004, 09:10 AM
We are not misunderstanding at all. Your dog is 1 yr old and can certainly "hold it" for 6 hours. The exception would be if he has a urinary infection or chronic diarrhea. Again, if he is pooping and peeing in the house, he is NOT housetrained.
My dog can stay alone for 8 hours and not mess in the house, because she is completely housetrained and would not think of soiling indoors. That's the difference.

You will have to confine him while you are out until he IS housetrained. Each time he soils in the house, that behavior is reinforced. Preventing mistakes is much better than trying to correct them. What has happened now, is that your dog feels it's o.k. to mess in the house as long as you aren't home.

Is there some trick to disciplining him when i get home and find his "accident" that will have an effect so that he does not have it next time.

No. All he will know is that you are disciplining him when you come home and might make him fear your arrival. Much better to confine him and come home happy, take him out right away and praise him.;) This will make him successful.

And if you want to train him to walk properly on leash, you will have to use a regular 6 foot leash, whether he likes it or not.

This is not a criticism. You sound like a wonderfully kind person and obviously love your pets very much.:)

May 23rd, 2004, 09:48 AM
Awwwww,the pic is sooo cute :p

May 23rd, 2004, 11:17 AM
adorable pic!!

get the 6 foot lead for sure! of course he wont like it, but its for his SAFETY!

he's gonna get used to it in time, and u'll be surprised at how much better he'll learn to respond to you... the same thing happened to Chocolate, it's totally comfy now. when we go to the park, the retractable is put on, my dogs LOVE it.

as for the crate biz, it should now be used as "alone time" where he is able to go to it as he pleases for down-time.

take him out before you leave, and as soon as u come home. regardless if u find a mess at home or not when u get in, he will begin to understand this new routine and adapt quite well.

and remember, u can always get him a pet companion to make up for the time u'r not at home w him.... ;) ;)


May 24th, 2004, 12:01 AM
Oh no... No more pet companions! LMAO Iím known as the "sucker" in my family. Anyone can't take care of a pet it comes to Jenn where they know they will be spoiled rotten. LOL I already have 2 kittens (Cassie & Melody), my dog Potter, 2 hamsters (Hulk & Daredevil), 4 fish, an eel, and turtle is on the way. All this in addition to a VERY rambunctious 6 years old son!

I spoke to his trainer last night after posting and she said every time he has an accident to put him in his cage and this will eventually teach him that the house is an extension of his cage. He does not go in the cage and by doing this he will eventually not go in the house either. She said after 20 minutes or so let him out of the cage and take him immediately outdoors. When we come inside put him back into the cage for like 10 minutes and then open the door to the cage, thus giving him the impression that the house is an extension of his cage?

I have never heard of this but thought okay; I'm game and will try anything. I was painting my bedroom and had the door closed so the pets would not get the fumes or get in the room and get in the paint or hurt them. I open the door to rinse my brush and wah-lah! I almost stepped in a pile of poop. I guess the dog did not appreciate being locked out and decided to let me know how he felt. I decided to try the trainerís advice and put him in his cage only when I went there... he was already IN the cage giving me puppy eyes. So now what??? LOL Iím at my wits end here. I was going to enroll him into another obedience course (he only went to basic puppy school) but the trainer said if he is a year and still doing this he is probably set in his ways and the puppy school may not help anyways. She would hate for me to get my hopes up, spend $150 that I REALLY do not have to spare in an effort to try to break this only to disappointed in the long run.

Does this sound right? If a dog is a year and still repeating the same behavior is it really to late to expect a change? I love my dog more than anything but if he would be better off with a yard rather than an apartment I will do what is best for him. What do you guys think?

Lucky Rescue
May 24th, 2004, 12:43 AM
If a dog is a year and still repeating the same behavior is it really to late to expect a change?

That is nonsense, and I"m shocked to hear someone who calls herself a trainer say this! Dogs can be taught at any age. For example, all rescued greyhounds must be housetrained, and some of them are 5 years old when they leave the track and have never stepped inside a house.

I'm not a trainer, but I don't agree with her methods. Letting the dog have accidents in the house and then putting him in his crate wont' teach him not to poop or pee, just that he must go in his crate after doing it.

The key to housetraining is to prevent accidents, not punish after the fact. You are going to have to be very persistant and CONsistant in not allowing him any freedom in the house until he is housetrained.

Here is an article that explains in detail:
Housetraining (

May 24th, 2004, 01:29 AM
hmm, have the dog w u while u do ur daily routines... once u notice him sniffing on the floor or making circles and it looks as tho he wants to plant a surprise in ur living room (etc), exclaim (like in my case) "Chocolate, go-back-pee-pee!"

that's our term for the backyard :p

in time, he WILL learn where he CAN go and where not to. :)

socialize with him more, show him he's important in ur life. he will begin to realize that he can count on u to show him where it is appropriate to relieve himself ;) (thinking naughty thoughts :o )