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Can I play, too? And, get a little advice?

September 23rd, 2007, 03:46 PM
Hi there! I am 52, :usa:, retired, and mother:lovestruck: of :dog::dog:and a :cat:. My husband died in April 2003. My father lives with me, since my mother died in August 2004.

Nutmeg is a black/gray/brown dapple long-haired miniature (but chubby) dachshund, born in April 2001. We named her Nutmeg because she looked like she had fallen into a barrel of spices and flour. She has one blue eye, and one brown. She is very sassy! When we got her, we already had a Dalmation/German short-hair mix named Sugar (died in July 2004), and we called them our "Spice Girls." My sister added to the group by naming her red dachshund, Ginger.

Pepper is a black/white Papillion, born in April 2004. Her name is Pepper, for obvious reasons. She's quite a handful, and her "Grandpa's" little buddy. She loves to "talk" a lot:yell:, and is a very entertaining clown.

Chloe is my youngest, a black cat with a couple of white marks on her tummy, born in April 2007 (seeing a pattern for April here?) She was only 4 weeks old when I got her. What a tiny 14 ounce of dynamite! She never goes from one point to another at less than light speed. She and Pepper are a constant blur:D. Her name came to me on the way home from picking her up. Dad and I were trying to come up with another "spice" name, and Chloe just wouldn't leave my mind. So, I believe she named herself. We haven't seen any physical problems from leaving mommy cat so young (don't know why that was.) She is now a very healthy 2.5 lbs, and just got spayed. Her only problem is that she bites - a lot, and for no reason, seemingly, since I got her. I would appreciate any advice on that subject:frustrated:, before Dad and I need a plastic surgeon for our hands and arms.

:confused:Now that you know all that is important about me - my children, I need some advice (besides that cat biting thing.) My hobby (with my sister) is beading. When Dad came to live with me, I turned over my guest and craft/office rooms to him. I have set up my desk/worktable and all that goes with it in a corner of family room, which means that I can't close the door on it to keep the cat out when I am not there. I have been spending hours online surfing for ideas on how to secure my area. I have $$$ worth of beads hanging from hooks on a pegboard on the wall above my desk. Just in the last week she has become able to jump onto my desk from the floor. Until now, I've just pushed the chair away, and she couldn't get up. So far, she has just messed with stuff I am stupid enough to leave on the surface of my desk. You can see the potential for disaster here, when she discovers the strings of beads on the wall :eek:!

I have found some products, like sonic collars, but haven't found any unbiased testimonials regarding effectiveness. Have any of you fought this battle, and won? Opinions? Suggestions? Guesses? Sympathy? :wall:

September 23rd, 2007, 06:47 PM
Welcome to ~ that's quite the menagerie you have there ! Since I'm the first to welcome you that also means I get to hound you for pictures of your little tribe ~ they all sound deliciously adorable.

As for your about-to-get-into-everything kitty, my only suggestion is to build a frame aound a peg board and enclose it with plexiglass doors. If there's a will there's a way and I'm quite certain your kitty is smart enough (or will beome too clever by half soon enough) to outwit any kind of sonic collar or the like.

Now, about those pix ... :D

September 23rd, 2007, 07:25 PM
welcome to!

wanna try one of those water squirters? they detect motion and then spray water?? we use double sided tape EVERYWHERE!!!!! or if im feeling a little miffed ill stick scotch tape sticky side up. :evil:


September 23rd, 2007, 09:21 PM
Welcome to the board, ownedbymypets!

We're overrun with dogs here at Hazel Run, so I have no cat experience at all. I'll leave the advice-giving to the cat gurus on board. :D

However, I never pass up a chance to beg, bully, blackmail or bug people till they post pictures... :o So any time you're ready...just lay 'em on us! :laughing: