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Car Talk, Fuel Economy

September 21st, 2007, 12:32 PM
so im not sure how appropriate this is... my cousin has done the car thing for ever. he is wonderful with them... found out a week ago that he is doing a talk show on 'your average house hold' kind of stuff. his first talk show was on fuel economy and how to save gas. he has tons of tips on how to save gas, common practices in car parts manufacture such as the TIRE MANUFACTURES limit on tire pressure versus the CAR MANUFACTURES suggestions on tire pressure. anyways, ive gone through the gas saving show and found it quite informative.

am i ok posting this here??

here is a direct link to the gas show if anyone is interested.

im not sure what it will pull up for you non Mac people but i got a window thats playing through this mp3. i hope you guys enjoy and if i shouldnt have posted this for any reason, please dont hesitate to delete it!