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Mini Doxie clothing

September 17th, 2007, 01:34 PM

Fall is about to hit us and then soon winter. The clothes we had for our Mini Doxie from the winter no longer come close to fitting. Anyone have any ideas on where to find a winter jacket etc suitable for a Mini Doxie?

He's about 16 lbs., and about 15-17 inches, for the collar line to tail. The clothing at the pet stores we've sourced thus far in the GTA have one of two issues - they are long enough, but too big around the chest/belly; or they are too short, but the right size in the chest/belly.

We'd like something that will keep some of the snow away, and keep him insulated in the cold of winter.

A sweater etc to chill at home and make him look even more handsome would be good too.

My god, what has my wife done to me! haha

BJ :)


September 17th, 2007, 09:58 PM
Our mini Dachshunds had sweaters and coats made by Canine Equipment. I bought them from the Groomer located behind our Toronto vet - one stop shopping (and we spent a lot of time at the vet - not to upset you or anything, just always have Dachshunds on my mind). The problem is of course the fitting of a male. My guys had barrel chests and were long and of course the front has to fit. Also with the males - mine were guys too - you can't cover the whole body because guys have to "go"! The quality is excellent and if you go to a store that sells the line, they can fit your pup to the extent possible. We now have a 22 lb. Eskimo and he has a raincoat, made by same company - MODELLED BY A DACHSHUND! - this is why I noticed it of course when I saw the picture on the tag. It is called the Cosmopolitan - very easy to put on - with a Velcro snap. And Eskies don't sit still. He absolutely loves it. His winter coat is the same make as my Dachshunds' had - and I bought the version for the male dog. The female cut is different. There are various other places that specialize these days in harder to fit breeds, but I have always been able to do well with Canine Equipment and it is great having someone know how to fit my dog. I know what you mean about Dachshunds and the snow. Nothing like stepping out into the laneway and all you can see is the top of the dog's head. I was never able to fit boots - legs/paws being what they are. That said, my Eskie's brand new boots have been sitting in the closet for 2 years. They fit him perfectly but he is such a wuss. Now my Dachshunds, they were guys who new how to make themselves comfortable. Hope you find something for your guy (maybe a ramp or two as well, no stairs - sorry, major back problem expert here). Would love to see a picture.