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New to dog ownership - Mini Daschund

September 17th, 2007, 01:20 PM
I've often thought of owning a dog, to takes walks in the park, play fetch and Frisbee with and guard the house from the unwanted/unwelcome. We now have a a new family member, and at 9 month old, having had him since 2 month old, he's been a great addition.

Our male, short haired, brown, mini Daschund is a great guy to have around. He's playful, full of energy and loves to be petted.

He hasn't come to us without some changes to our life and lifestyle though.
But not many that I hadn't forecasted to begin with. Hair on clothes, socks etc; needing to be home at regular intervals to feed and walk him; food costs etc. The unforcasted items - clothing (they need clothes and the $); vet bills; where to keep him during extended absences from home (overnight etc).

We're trying to instill good habits, or perhaps it's that we're trying to train him/break him of current bad habits. Like barking, however infrequent, nipping or biting, not sure how to classify it, but he's not always super friendly to everyone. But I will post about those issues as time permits and ask for help when needed.

Read you soon,
BJ :)

September 17th, 2007, 01:28 PM
Congrats on your new family member. How old is he? What his name? Any pix yet?

A new pet is like bringing home a new baby - it does change your life if you never had a pet before. Good luck!!

September 18th, 2007, 09:40 AM
Welcome to and I second the request for pix! I can commiserate on the lifestyle changes ~ they do have a habit of doing that don't they?

September 18th, 2007, 10:22 AM
Hello. Have you had a Dachshund hair in the bottom of your foot yet? That is a treat - have your tweezers ready. So many people think these angels don't shed - they sure do. Re the barking, Dachshunds bark period. They try as hard as possible to set the rules - and are very protective of what is theirs. A hound/terrier type of personality with a strong prey drive. If your pup sees a squirrel as you probably already know, he had better be on a leash because a command from you won't stop him. They can most definitely be snippy with non-family members or people they consider non-family. My 2 Alphas were seriously in charge guys - the other 3 were much more mild-mannered. Sounds as if your guy is heading the Alpha route. If you haven't taken out pet insurance as yet and are thinking about it, I suggest you look at VetInsurance - - and then call them to ask if they still cover Dachshund (be specific on dog breed) back and neck disc surgery. They did as of May 2005 when I signed up our Eskimo - much to my surprise. Our last Dachshund died in June 2004 at age 7, 10 months after his back surgery. This particular plan was not available when we adopted our boy and the other plans are structured differently in terms of repayment - if any. This plans allows for $20,000 lifetime per dog with no limit on condition - this is important. Dachshund back surgery with the MRIs etc. done by a neuro can cost $8,000 - our last guy was $6,000. Your dog must be neutered to be covered for hormonal related disease - including diabetes. If you have had no events so far I would sign up fast, if they still provide coverage. Please watch for any sign of dragging of back legs - or limping of front paws (front paw limping is a sign of neck disease). Should you notice any problem you should get to your primary vet fast for an in-house X-Ray to determine any calcification of discs. Your vet would then most likely arrange an appointment with the excellent neuro at McMurrich Street clinic. If paralysis is setting in fast, they will send you to Guelph Small Animal Clinic where the neuros are on call and can take and read the major X-Rays fast. McMurrich requires a 24 hour work-up and sometimes your pup doesn't have the time (mine didn't). Excellent doctors at Guelph. Really work on keeping pup at a light weight. You mentioned your pup weighs 16 pounds so I am guessing sort of a "tweenie". My guys were 10 - 12 lbs. - all auburn with the last being a Dapple - toffee and cream coloured - talk about hair on black clothes! There is a Dachshund group in Toronto that was set up just after my last guy died. You could find it by Googling - they get together and their dogs play etc. Re overnight stays etc. I would see if I could find a good dog home boarder - you probably know by now that Dachshunds consider your bed theirs. You might find a good Dachshund boarder in the Dachshund group. My Eskie is home boarded by a wonderful lady who has big dogs and boards all sizes, but if I still had a Dachshund I would be afraid due to the rough and tumble nature of the dogs and the pressure on the back. And Dachshunds will not back down - ever! You have probably picked up from my comments in your Clothing post that I worry about Dachshund health. Just didn't want to be a bummer from the word go - but had to mention the Vet Insurance because we have been through worst case with my 2 special guys. Look forward to seeing a picture if you can post and really wish you the best with your guy. You might want to make sure that your guy can't push the chair to the counter to swing himself up to help himself to food on the counter or in the cupboard. This - even after back surgery. Super smart pups!