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Laser light obsessive?

September 16th, 2007, 10:49 PM
Our 10 month old Schnoodle Lola absolutely LOVES chasing a laser light around the yard. She tears after the light full blast to the point where it seems she will crash headlong into stationary objects if we don't steer the light around them. We use it seldom and only for a treat (or to get her to come in from the back yard at night, it works like a charm!) but if she thinks we have the light in our hand or pocket she gets excited.

I've read a few things about dogs becoming obsessive with light chasing and we're wondering if we should stop using the toy to be on the safe side. She doesn't seem interested in any other type of light at all...flashlights, car headlights, etc., only the laser light.

Any advice is appreciated.