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Raw Pics and Questions(cal/phos stuff, satin balls)

September 16th, 2007, 05:29 PM
PoofyKins!! isnt she badass?? yummy! thats chicken quarters bashed up a little to break the bone apart for them. helps them crunch them up a little.

all 4 chomping away. how cool is that? very i'd say!!

tomorrow i will get some pics of Mister chomping through his lamb leg. he is pretty excited about it!!

for my questions-

do you see anything really out of wack?

as a GENERAL RULE to balance each other out... 2 days of chicken leg quarters then a day of mush(1lb 80/20 ground beef, 4 whole raw eggs, handful of beef liver)?? theres a fair bit of calcium in the leg quarters and none for the beef (aside from the WHOLE egg, shell too). we are getting a great price on the leg quarters but they have a great deal of calcium in them. to make up for all that calcium we thought feeding the beef part without the calcium because he is a wuss.... wont eat beef bones. :rolleyes:

anyway, the leg quarters are high in calcium... but there are several other meats he eats where there is no bones he is crunching up such as the beef, fish has very little... turkey has a good bit in it if we get legs. will it work this way?

are the eggs and liver together too much nutrition? should i spread that out more? i know they arent the same proteins but i cant find beef eggs anywhere. :cool:

whats the reasons for all the other additives in the satin balls? im not exactly trying to copy them but i dont want to mess anythign up. satin balls also dont have any calcium if they dont add the shells in.



September 16th, 2007, 06:47 PM
You could always ask your butcher to save you any "beef saw dust." I guess it can be referred to as bone meal as well. Provide him with a container and ask that he save the "dust" that falls when he cuts pieces of beef (rib steak, short ribs, cross rib roast, etc.) on his saw. If his business is good, you should be able to pick up a fair amount every few days. Just add a few tablespoons (or about 20%) to the beef you feed your pets. If your lucky, he may even throw in some trimmings. Keep out what you need for a few days and just freeze the rest.