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Puppy playing with bigger dog

September 12th, 2007, 10:34 AM
My wife and I recently (this past saturday) adopted a 2month old Dogue de Bordeaux named Hanna, she is doing great, getting her daily routines in order and trying to do the best we can for her so that she grows up with a good temperment. We have another dog Maddox, he is a almost 2yr old pit/lab mix, both Hanna and Maddox are getting along just great, Maddox usually sleeps beside Hanna's crate at night which keeps her from crying. We let the 2 of them play while we are at home and for the most part its good happy fun, both of their tails are wagging all the time. Now sometimes Maddox being the big dog he is (75lbs) tends to forget just how strong he is and can get too rough with Hanna, he may mouth her too hard, paw her hard or coming running through the house he may bump her and knock her over. If she doesn't like something she will yelp or bark at him and he backs off, but I can see she gets upset when he pushes the limits, she goes to run away and he chases her, but when this happens I step in right away and yell to maddox "too rough" and stop him. THere are other things like she is playing with a toy and Maddox comes over and steals it, she tries to get it back sometimes.

What got me concerned today was I booked Hanna in to a doggy daycare for next week as both the wife and I will be away for a full day, the daycare owner is a dog behaviourist and I told him about this as he was genuinely interested in how she is doing and he seemed very concerned about this as the first 20weeks of a puppies life is crucial for positive experience, anything negative can hurt the puppy and it will only show once she is older, I assume he means temperment problems. I tried to talk to him more about this, but I could see he was busy so I let it go.

Should I be concerned about this? does anyone see any faults in what I am doing letting them play?