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Where to crate while at work?

September 11th, 2007, 03:25 PM
My dog is VERY new to crating - today is her first day - Ive been in and out of the apt and reassuring here everything is ok when she is calm in the crate. I let her cry, which is one of the hardest thing, and she lasts for less than 10 mins. She is in a crate, because her leg has a small fracture and the vet wants very limited mobility. Ill be away at work for 8 hours. I have three options for crating and I would like some advice or suggestions:
1 - In her crate, in our apt, with noone around all day. She will have no potty breaks or be out of her crate at all.
2 - In her crate, in our neighbors apt, with him around most of the day. He is elderly so she will have no potty breaks or be out of her cage at all.
3 - In her crate, in a doggie daycare in a private room. She will have potty breaks which would allow her out of the crate for a very short period of time, while she goes potty.
She will need to be crated for 6 weeks until she is FULLY healed - The first two weeks, she will need to be crated for the entire time virtually, unless she is sleeping on the couch and we can monitor her - I do not want to use doggie day care more than 1 time per week because the cost is so high. Would having her stay at doggie day care one time a week do more harm than good?
Thank you so much for any advice!!!

September 13th, 2007, 10:42 AM
If your dog is accustomed to being home by herself during the day with no one visiting and no breaks she should be alright by herself in your apartment. Make certain she is comfortable (has something to lie on) in the crate, has access to water and something to occupy her should she get bored. Some of our members have found success with a kong filled with frozen peanut butter (make sure to deduct the calories from her food ration though!) and other just use gnawing/chewing toys like kongs or cuz's(but nothing she could chew into pieces and choke on of course).