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Dog Peeing in the House

September 9th, 2007, 09:12 PM
Hi, we have a 4year(5 in November) old Miniature Toy Pomeranian.
ever since we moved in the house we are currently in he has started to pee in the same spot or around it on and off. he doesn't so much do in it summer but he does it more frequently in winter, he sleeps in my daughters room but she leaves the door slightly ajar so he can get outside through a cat door we installed for him. he is neutered and we have tried putting him out at night before we go to bed, white pepper where he pees, rubbing his nose in it(my daughter didn't like it so my husband stopped doing it) and locking him in the laundry(were his cat door is) but he didn't know why he was in there so we let him out again. we have run out of ideas... would you please be able to help?

September 9th, 2007, 09:44 PM
Welcome to Pooch and family!

Have you ruled out a medical cause underlying the on/off peeing? When you moved into your current house did anything change radically in your lives, schedules, family composition etc.?

You know your pup best ~ do you think the peeing is a physical need to pee and unwillgness to go outdoors or more of a marking behaviour?

Have you tried rationing his water after supper as one would for a puppy? Have you tried returning to Basic Potty Training 101 to see if his behaviour self-corrects with consistent trips outdoors with you and lots of praise for peeing outdoors.

I would also THOROUGHLY clean his "spot" to completely eliminate any residual odours and stains.

I'm glad your husband stopped the rubbing of his nose in it ~ it does nothing to correct his behaviour, only causes emotional hurt and confuses him as the separation in time means he can't connect his peeing with your husband's actions. Scolding after the fact is an equal waste of time. If you catch him about to pee or in mid-pee, then a verbal correction is useful as long as you rush him outdoors to show him the correct place to pee.

September 10th, 2007, 06:49 AM
have you tried using the doggie pee pads that worked for my female i just put it down by the back door and she knew what it was for or you might have to put a little urine on it for the smell so he will go on it :thumbs up

September 23rd, 2007, 12:14 AM
yea we used those when he was little, but hes o really started it since he was around 3, 3 1/2