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Insecticide Spray Rant

September 8th, 2007, 09:35 AM
My neighbours have had their lawn sprayed and our whole neighbourhood reeks of Killex. I am attempting to find out the rules and regulations regarding pesticide use by lawn care companies in my area but it's Saturday, so of course all regulatory offices are closed. One thing I do know; they should have their lawn posted and it isn't.

I have a sore throat already just from going from my car to the house (had poochie out for a walk we had to drive to) and then out to round up the cats. The cats are not happy at being kept indoors. I don't fancy having the dog out for long either but she needs out for bathroom duties. I'm worried about our vegetable garden too, can we eat our nice ripe tomatoes now?

If it rains, as it looks like it might, the stuff will maybe wash away a bit BUT, we are all on wells here. So that really won't help either.

September 8th, 2007, 09:46 AM
Not sure about your part of the world but in Ontario pesticides are pretty much regulated by the municipality. If your City has a website you should be able to do a global search for it and find it in the by-laws.

Unfortunately even in Toronto where they are banned for cosmetic usage people still use them thinking no one will report them or they can safely claim they have noxious weeds on their picture perfect lawns :mad:

September 8th, 2007, 10:09 AM
Thanks, I am in Ontario. I've sent my township an email. The by-law section of their website is "under construction". There is an MOE office nearby and we know one of the inspectors, but that office is closed too. Sent them an email as well.

I wish I had written down the name on the truck when I drove by the first time. Cynic that I am, I would not believe anything they told me but it would be interesting to hear what they say. Ironically, I think the word "Environment" was in their name.

I can still smell the darn stuff, sitting here in my office with the house shut up tight. And the olfactory system is supposed to not notice odours after a time of constant exposure. Must be blowing around.

And I see I called my first post Insecticide but Killex is a herbicide. Oh well, they are all pesticides.

September 8th, 2007, 10:16 AM
hmmm... I thought they are REQUIRED to post a notice on the front lawn? or did they do the backyard only ? Still, if it rains, the run-off could affect your lawn and garden so you would think they would be required to post a notice regardless of where spray wasa used.

:rolleyes: petsicides ~ herbicides. I did the same thing in my post. :o KILLING agents is what they are ~ they kill everything in sight including us!!

September 8th, 2007, 10:41 AM
invasive to other peoples decisions concerning their own environment and living. i think there should be a cut off, if somethign prevents others from living their lifestyle then it should not be allowed without the effected peoples permission. i mean really, you can go out there and pick out those weeds. it just takes more time. *gasp*

i bust my butt on my gardening. it is totally organic. if my crop were ruined not only would i be livid but you bet id be complaining big time.

this mentality society has accepted to say that only obviously destructive actions against another person is prosicuitable (sp?!) is wrong. just because living around pesticides or herbicides wont kill you right away doesnt mean my decision to NOT have them in my life should be taken away because someone up wind should be able to alter my decision.

i wouldnt eat food sprayed like that. washed or not. i also would be complaining pretty heavily to someone in power about the coating your house got along with your vegie garden.


September 8th, 2007, 11:20 AM
Your neighbor should have had the decency of at least telling those around what they were going to do, so that at least you could prepare. Not to mention, that company should have put up some kind of sign on the lawn.

I wouldn't trust the rain washing everything away totally though. If it were so easy, then what would be the point of even putting pesticide. I gather that has some kind of agent that keeps it working even if it rains.

Maybe you can talk to your neighbor and ask what the name of the company is and voice your concerns for your own garden.

I just love how people do things and don't even think of how it might affect the people around them.:mad:

September 8th, 2007, 12:16 PM
Ya there are sure a lot more of those kinds of people around arent there....

:offtopic: Just yesturday my neighbour (the one attached, we rent a semi) decides to cut down a huge tree branch all by himself, had it all tied up with just two tie-downs (meant to secure not lift).... well I was sitting here in the office when the darn thing fell across the roof! I went out to assess the damage and luckily nothing was damaged on our side (not that I'd care- we rent), and saw that the limb had destroyed their new gazebo. I even offered to help but being all manly (and no doubt embarassed at his own stupidity) he said no thanks. He hadn't even bothered to tell me that he was cutting it down just in case.... if I hadn't of heard the little electric saw he was trying to use and looked out to see what was going on it would have been a complete shock! I'm just glad he was only after a branch and not the whole tree, or I no doubt would not be typing right now!! :frustrated:

It's amazing to me how neighbours don't talk anymore, I mean when I was younger there was no way someone would spray or chop down trees without informing the neighbours or putting up signs.... heck even the city spray painted my lawn a multitude of flourescent colours with no notice or explaination!!! :shrug:

September 8th, 2007, 12:51 PM
I wish most lawn care products were banned... seems like most of them are only used for cosmetic reasons which to me is not worth it if they are going to contaminate the environment. I live in a large city and many of my neighbors spray chemicals all over. I've even had neighbors who have sprayed parts of my yard w/o my permission.

Also have some neighbor/tree stories - my brother once had a neighbor who cut down a tree in his yard (my brother's yard that is); I have neighbors who, in the process of trying to do-it-yourself cut down a giant tree in their backyard close to both our houses, dropped a branch in my yard over my phone and electrical wires nearly starting my house on fire. They also one day drove some heavy machinary all over in my yard trying to get at the high branches to cut them down. Needless to say I was quite angry about that for some time... :wall: These neighbors actually talk to me, however, it made no difference. Some people are just not too bright. Also, many don't care much about the environment either apparently.

September 8th, 2007, 04:06 PM
Longblades ~ I jusr read The Pesticides Act

and if a company did the spraying they are required to put signs on the perimeter of the property regardless of which part of the property was sprayed.

September 8th, 2007, 05:34 PM
I don't believe in pesticide or herbicide use at all. Even chemical fertilizers should be banned IMO. Encourage birds and bennificial bugs to take care of the bad ones and pull weeds by hand. Use compost or manure for fertilizer. Not rocket science, about time all this stuff was banned for home use.


September 9th, 2007, 09:53 AM
There is a sign. These people have so many cars they can't fit them all in the driveway and a car was blocking the sign. I now have the phone number of the lawn company and the number of the spray but still can't find out any more till Monday. Tuesday I guess as I have to be away on Monday.

As someone pointed out it is, unfortunately, legal to spray many things and I know other neighbours have had their lawns sprayed because I've seen the signs. But even when it was other neighbours right across the street the smell was not as heavy and did not last as long. We can still smell it. So I'm thinking the lawn care company used too much of the stuff.

Pesticides have to be used for some things. Poison Ivy is one. Some dangerous moulds that can get into your house. But these should be applied judiciously by licensed people in controlled situations. Keeping a lawn pretty doesn't constitute a legitimate use of pesticides in my opinion.